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Menagerie 2024 is the first Menagerie set introduced by Ghost Galaxy as part of the the Grim Reminders Gamefound Campaign as a stretch goal that backers unlocked after raising $300,000 USD. The set was available to play early by attendees of KeyForge Celebration 2023, was included in Grim Reminders pledge shipments, and ultimately officially released alongside Grim Reminders on March 1, 2024.

Menagerie 2024 decks can contain cards and houses from Call of the Archons to Grim Reminders (Sets 1–7), as well as cards from house Keyraken, modified and adapted from the KeyForge Adventure Rise of the Keyraken.

Menagerie decks are not tournament legal.

Menagerie Packets

Packet Name Description Cards
Antiquities Dealer Antiquities Dealer has arrived with his strange and unique wares.
Auto-Frog Keep the chazzawazzers in check with some handy extermination options.
Batariel of the Grey
Blorb Hive A hive for you and as many Blorbs as you can make
Bot Team Momo and Bookton appear in force!
Brobnar Weapons You can never have too many weapons.
Buggies Conductor Jãrroyã has arrived and brings all the buggies.
Capture Chaos All your opponent's Æmber will be captured
Clocks Geistoid Clocks and Synchronizer have appeared in this deck.
Cursed Relic A relic stops by with the tools to make it leave
Dark Æmber Vault The Dark Æmber Vault has opened and mutants have gathered.
Dark Discovery A classic Unfathomable combo to forge a free key.
Data Forge Logos capitalizing on drawing by forging a key.
Dino Piñata Pile Æmber onto your creature and exile them!
Dis Damage Maleficorn has stacked the deck with damage enhancements.
Epic Quest The knights of Sanctum embark on the most Epic Quest.
Exchange Officer Star Alliance has assigned the Exchange Officer to this deck
GenKA The iconic Mars combo of Martin Generosity and Key Abduction
Gizelheart's Legacy The entire Gizelhart cadre makes an appearance.
Hastatus Raptors Raptors hunt in packs. Eons of evolution haven't changed that.
Horseman The Four Horseman will bring doom to your opponents.
Kelifi Dragon Kelifi Dragon hoards its epic treasure
Keyraken The Keyraken emerges to join its power with the Archons.
  • Legendary Keyraken
  • Keyraken house cards
Leader A fearless house leader makes an appearance!
Logos Draw-ma Logos with a explosive draw power
Lycanthropy The curse spreads when the moon is full.
Mars Abduction Mars takes what it wants and capitalizes on the opportunity. Abduction cards such as:
Molluscaller The Strange Shell appears. What do they contain?
Moor Wolves The adorable pack animal blinks into existence
Nautilixian The Aeronauts combine their powerful robots into the ultimate weapon!
Niffle Kong The colossal Niffle wrecks havoc downtown!
Norbyn's Cavern The Rare Star Alliance token turns your team into Aember-like creatures
Obsidian Forge A fearsome forge of Dis gets a boost from some additional abilities.
Omnipus A powerful and dynamic creature emerges from the sea
Pennys for Æmber Æmber for sale. All it costs is a Penny.
Precision Exploiters A set of Anomoly Exploiters precision tuned to maximize destructive power!
Revna Starsong Revna brings her horde of Berserkers to the battlefield
Rocket Tezzy
Sanctum Laws The laws of Sanctum are numerous and fair.
Saurian Law
Saurian Philsophers Philosophers gather to debate in the Saurian battleline.
Shadow Weapons Weapons are a fun and effective last resort.
Star Alliance Laws The laws of Star Alliance are available to all.
Super Charged Infurnace A feared demon gets a boost
Tangaika A group of Unfathomable cultists have summoned a creature with immense power.
Thing from the Deep A group of Unfathomable zealots have released that which had been locked away.
Training Costs Bellatoran Warriors spend their entire lives paying Training Costs. Only their opponents have complained about the results.
Treachery Treat your opponent to a variety of cards featuring Treachery.
Total Exhaustion
Ultra Gravitron The gigantic Logos Robot will crush your opponent.
Varad The mighty Varad will use Æmber to become stronger.
Verokter's Theorem The Reckless Experimentation of Dr. Verokter will yield results beyond his wildest dreams.


Name Model Description
KeyForge: Menagerie 2024 Archon Deck KFM01
KeyForge: Menagerie 2024 Display KFM01d Contains 12 Menagerie 2024 Archon Decks


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