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Helper Bot • Logos • Creature • Common • Play: You may play one non-Logos card this turn. • Artist: Natalie Russo • Card Number: AoA (112)

Play: You may play one non-Logos card this turn.
“See, Momo? I told you it wouldn’t take long.” – Doc Bookton
AoA 112


Playing Helper Bot will allow you to play another card from your hand on the first turn, since the First Turn Rule can be modified by card effects.

Outstanding Issues

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There is an outstanding issue concerning Helper Bot.
  • Arcana Advises: Based on the FAQ entry for Phase Shift and Mimicry, the requirement for if you could play an Off House card seems to be "Would you have been able to play this card without the effect of another card?". In the case of playing a Dis card when you have selected Dis as the active house, you are not using an effect to play a Dis card, so you would be able to play a card from your third house later in your turn using Helper Bot's effect.

    For more information about Arcana Advises and Outstanding Issues, click here.