Æmber Skies

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Æmber Skies starter set
Æmber Skies
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est. Sept. 2024
est. 329
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Æmber Skies is the eighth standard KeyForge set.

The set was revealed as part of the Grim Reminders Gamefound campaign, and is expected to release sometime in September 2024, and will include KeyForge's 13th house, Skyborn.

House Rotation

  • New: Skyborn
  • Returning: Dis, Logos
  • Rotated Out: Star Alliance, Unfathomable, Untamed

Hosue Skyborn are a loose confederation of baronies, merchant captains, and pirates who spend most of their lives miles above the surface abroad their prized skyships.[1] They focus on mechanics that reference key color (such as the return of The Red Baron), battleline position, and stealing Æmber.[2]

Dis makes its first return since its initial departure in Dark Tidings (Set 5), and Logos similarly makes its first return since its departure in Winds of Exchange (Set 6). Star Alliance and Unfathomable rotate out for the first time since their introduction to the game in Worlds Collide (Set 3) and Dark Tidings (Set 5) respectively. Untamed rotates out after a single set visit in Grim Reminders (Set 7).

New Set Mechanics

House Enhancement

A new type of enhancement can result in a card being enhanced with an additional House bonus icon, causing that card to belong to multiple houses simultaneously.


Skybeasts are rare creatures that can appear in Æmber Skies decks. Similar to Anomalies and Revenants before, these can appear in any house. More than 20 Skybeasts are present in the set.[3]


Name Model Description
KeyForge: Æmber Skies Archon Deck
KeyForge: Æmber Skies Display Contains 12 Æmber Skies Archon Decks
KeyForge: Æmber Skies Collector's Set Contains a copy of each individual card from Æmber Skies.

Cards from the collector's set are not legal for organized play.

KeyForge: Æmber Skies Extra-Wide Playmats One extra-wide (14" x 30") playmat for each house, featuring art from Æmber Skies.


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