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A legacy maverick Library Access in Mass Mutation (Italian language). Note that the card text has been updated to include the Library Access errata.

A legacy maverick is a card that is both a legacy and a maverick. It normally belongs to a different house from a previous set and is indicated by the symbols Maverick icon.pngLegacy icon.png. Each legacy maverick card features the maverick symbol in the top right corner and has the original set icon at the bottom highlighted in orange. These cards are exceptionally rare, occurring at approximately a rate of 1 in 11,000 Age of Ascension decks and 1 in 12,000 Worlds Collide decks.

The set Mass Mutation features the card Exchange Officer, which can exchange with a legacy card to form a legacy maverick. An example of such a deck is Zynisli, Shanty Commander. For this reason, legacy mavericks in Mass Mutation are more common than they are in previous sets, and a large proportion of them appear in Star Alliance.

Age of Ascension Legacy Mavericks

Deck Name Legacy Maverick Mavericked House
“Zanna”, Colei Che Anticipa la Gioia Untamed.png Cooperative Hunting Logos
Anciana de Vaux Logos.png Psychic Bug Mars
Bojaźliwa Hegemonka Dis.png Hand of Dis Untamed
Charlatán Jones Brobnar.png Firespitter Untamed
Commandante “Vipère” O'Toole Sanctum.png Sergeant Zakiel Dis
Deirdre “Sfinge”, Leader della Loggia Brobnar.png Grenade Snib Untamed
Diana Evans, Ribelle di Gelsofalsato Mars.png Ulyq Megamouth Untamed
Dishonorable Carprawn, the Awful Sorcerer Dis.png The Terror Shadows
Emerald “Rover” Aquilan
Dis.png Pit Demon Logos
Enlightened Dawn of the Arena
Brobnar.png Lomir Flamefist Logos
Eryka, Theater Governor
Logos.png Phase Shift Dis
Françoise “Taloche” la vagabonde
Mars.png Grabber Jammer Dis
Grantham the Curiously Competitive
Sanctum.png Champion Anaphiel Shadows
Groteskowy Aki z Supernowej
Untamed.png Briar Grubbling Brobnar
Havilah J. la Lanosa Sanctum.png Champion Anaphiel Shadows
I. Wadsworth, égorgeuse de Huxwarren Brobnar.png Mighty Javelin Shadows
Jeeves el Temible Sanctum.png Inspiration Mars
Knutson of Hammerweald Sanctum.png Commander Remiel Shadows
L. Cooke, Convicto da Lua do Brilho Mars.png Ammonia Clouds Untamed
Ltc. Maximsaffron Camurius Untamed.png Cooperative Hunting Dis
Moriarty of Saraquerel Lot Brobnar.png Valdr Logos
Outfold, the Duchess Drone Brobnar.png Follow the Leader Shadows
Qhoorhdrop, the Head of the Bridge Shadows.png Relentless Whispers Brobnar
R. van Diemen, the Preserve Artist Brobnar.png Anger Sanctum
Sébastien Quinn, rôdeur de Semeparva Logos.png Neuro Syphon Mars
Silas el Voraz de la Muralla Dis.png Succubus Mars
Skeptikerin E. Crimson Shadows.png Poison Wave Logos
The Citizen who Deftly Finds Fate Dis.png Tendrils of Pain Mars
The One that Adds to Plutonium Shadows.png Urchin Untamed
The Sadness that Ruins Memory Sanctum.png Lady Maxena Logos
The Song that Sadly Votes for Betrayal Dis.png Gabos Longarms Logos
The Zealot who Leads Kings Brobnar.png Lomir Flamefist Mars
U. Zhao, Tullibush's Inscrutable Overseer Sanctum.png Sergeant Zakiel Brobnar
Xalph, Druid of the Irrelevant Growth Logos.png Doc Bookton Untamed
市集女皇莎薇琪 Shadows.png Poison Wave Brobnar
快捷的者潘德拉貢 Mars.png Phosphorus Stars Dis
駐紮地粉碎者瑟拉菲娜 Logos.png Effervescent Principle Shadows
“靈體沙皇”德克蘭·努爾 Logos.png Skippy Timehog Untamed

Worlds Collide Legacy Mavericks

Deck Name Legacy Maverick Mavericked House
Angler Veronica Elderet Sanctum.png Barrister Joya Brobnar
Ara, Spearcheth Stonemason Untamed.png Dharna Brobnar
Azariah “Yeti”, Mentore del Saloon Logos.png Archimedes Shadows
Chefe “Prateado” Cordas Untamed.png Way of the Porcupine Star Alliance
Die furchtlose Ottilie aus Utopia Untamed.png Persistence Hunting Star Alliance
Discohunt Zelium-Crowley, Heretic Logos.png Dr. Escotera Untamed
Frothing Pan of the Tower Brobnar.png Headhunter Shadows
H. Gorgias, Praefectus of the Ochre River Sanctum.png Eye of Judgment Brobnar
Homer il Timido, Segugio della Terra Sanctum.png Bordan the Redeemed Dis
Katia la chauve, mécaniste du péril Sanctum.png Shoulder Armor Logos
Lawdweller, the “Jeweler” of The Demon Mars.png Biomatrix Backup Untamed
Morgenstern of Priorpath Manse Dis.png Snudge Logos
Nicolaus R. Clawswine, the Eighth Untamed.png Ancient Bear Logos
Prince “Flatscan” Bianchi Mars.png Ether Spider Brobnar
Quentin Fanys from the Warboss’s Street Dis.png The Terror Shadows
Radioaktywna Zdzisława „Podpałka” Logos.png Effervescent Principle Saurian
The Trader that Abhors Resistance Dis.png Dust Imp Shadows
Ulrich „Das elende Monster“ Brobnar.png Loot the Bodies Saurian
Wargdirt, City Governor Logos.png Ganymede Archivist Shadows
廣場間諜¶悉帕 Sanctum.png Protect the Weak Brobnar
来自溪谷的¶欧罗拉·沃夫 Mars.png Squawker Logos
“雨神宗師”¶索爾比約格·裡貝羅 Sanctum.png Hallowed Shield Logos
“鼬鼠夫人”¶澤德·海克斯 Untamed.png Murmook Dis
營地顧問¶奎比拉 Dis.png Unlocked Gateway Saurian
店家領導者,​米特貝希爾 Sanctum.png The Spirit’s Way Brobnar
นักกฎหมายไทฟูน Shadows.png Furtive Investors Brobnar
เออร์ซูลาหัวล้านแห่งหินผาใหญ่ Untamed.png Persistence Hunting Dis

Mass Mutation Legacy Mavericks

Deck Name Legacy Maverick Mavericked House
Cambiafin, the Rioter of The Void Sanctum.png Aubade the Grim Star Alliance
López the Sly Logos.png Ganymede Archivist Untamed
Makoto, Baron of the Abominable Marsh Saurian P.png Odoac the Patrician Star Alliance
O. Molina, la Pulizia Che Rallegra la Valle Logos.png Library Access Dis
Oviflower, The Storm who Pesters the Lair Star Alliance.png First Officer Frane Saurian
Salt R. Railront, the Variable Brobnar.png Gron Nine-Toes Shadows
The Critic that Defines Brambles Shadows.png Bait and Switch Sanctum
They that Builds up Barracks Sanctum.png Raiding Knight Star Alliance
Veicate of the Phony’s Outlands Mars.png Squawker Dis
Zynisli, Shanty Commander Shadows.png Hugger-Mugger Star Alliance
墓場神官​傑迪戴亞 Logos.png Titan Librarian Sanctum
被拒絕的探索者 Saurian P.png Paraguardian Star Alliance
愛冒險的神官 Untamed.png Way of the Bear Saurian

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