Unlocked Gateway

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Unlocked Gateway • Dis • Action • Common • Omega. (After you play this card, end this step.)

Play: Destroy each creature. • Artist: Sean Donaldson • Card Number: AoA (067)

Omega. (After you play this card, end this step.)

Play: Destroy each creature.

“Well, just lock it again!” – Quixo the “Adventurer”
AoA 067


If an ability does not specify Friendly or Enemy in its effect, it may be applied to a card (or cards) controlled by either player.

Source: Rulebook

Outstanding Issues

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There is an outstanding issue concerning Unlocked Gateway.
  • Arcana Advises: Unlocked Gateway would first tag everything on the board for destruction. Then Destroyed: abilities (including Jargogle's) would resolve in the order of the Active Player's choosing. Jargogle's ability would play Wild Wormhole, gaining one Æmber and playing the top card of the deck. If this card is a creature, it would enter the battleline exhausted on the flank of the Active Player's choice. Wild Wormhole would go to the discard pile. If there are further Destroyed: abilities, those would resolve. Finally, all cards that are tagged for destruction will go to the discard pile. If nothing else tagged the creature that was played from Wild Wormhole for destruction, then it would remain in the battleline after Unlocked Gateway resolved.

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