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Artist: Preston Stone
Card Text Elusive. (The first time this creature is attacked each turn, no damage is dealt.)

Play: Steal 1 Æmber.



Type Creature
House Shadows
Traits Elf, Thief
Rarity Common
Sets CotA(315)


I have a Faygin (CoTA 300) in play and my opponent has an Urchin (CoTA 315) in play. I reap with Faygin and with its reap effect I choose my opponent’s Urchin. What happens?

Faygin’s effect causes the Urchin to try and go into your hand, however when a card leaves play it always goes to its owner’s corresponding out of play zone unless the card causing it to leave play specifies otherwise. The Urchin is returned to your opponent’s hand instead of yours.