Biomatrix Backup

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Biomatrix Backup
Biomatrix Backup • Mars • Upgrade • Common • This creature gains,”Destroyed: Put this creature into its owner’s archives.” • Artist: Caravan Studio • Card Number: CotA:208, VM2023:199
Biomatrix Backup
CotA 208
VM2023 199


Following the rule that abilities can only resolve while they are in play, Brad Andres clarified that when a Dust Imp (upgraded with a Biomatrix Backup) is destroyed, it could resolve in two ways, with the order being chosen by the active player. If the Dust Imp's Destroyed: ability is resolved first, its controller would gain 2 Æmber, and then the card would be moved to the owner's archive. If the Destroyed: ability of Biomatrix Backup is resolved first, then the Dust Imp is placed in its owner's archive, from which Dust Imp's Destroyed: ability cannot resolve, as it it no longer in play.