Dust Imp

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Dust Imp
Dust Imp • Dis • Creature • Common • Destroyed: Gain 2Aember icon. • Artist: Grigory Serov • Card Number: CotA:083, AoA:058, VM2023:093
Dust Imp
Destroyed: Gain 2Aember icon.
When the demon’s away, the imps will play.
CotA 083
AoA 058
VM2023 093


Following the rule that abilities can only resolve while they are in play, Brad Andres clarified that when a Dust Imp (upgraded with a Biomatrix Backup) is destroyed, it could resolve in two ways, with the order being chosen by the active player. If the Dust Imp's Destroyed: ability is resolved first, its controller would gain 2 Æmber, and then the card would be moved to the owner's archive. If the Destroyed: ability of Biomatrix Backup is resolved first, then the Dust Imp is placed in its owner's archive, from which Dust Imp's Destroyed: ability cannot resolve, as it it no longer in play.