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This is a list of official Fantasy Flight Games articles and publications listed on their website and a summary of each one. FFG Live announcements are listed in a separate section.

The articles are sorted into the following categories, with a designated color for each:

Category Summary
Rules Explanation of changes to Rulebooks
Interviews Interviews with significant people
Products Announcements and descriptions of KeyForge products
Events List of upcoming events
OP General articles pertaining to Organized Play (OP)
Lore Fictional stories and lore
Vault Tour Articles pertaining to the Vault Tour series
Other Articles that do not fit into a pre-existing category


Publications from 2018
Wild Wormhole
List of 8 playmats from Call of the Archons
KeyForge: Call of the Archons
Announcing Call of the Archons: basic mechanics, houses, and tokens
The Enigmatic Architect
Interview with Richard Garfield regarding the game and its design process
Clash of the Archons
Overview of the gameplay in Call of the Archons
Quixo the "Adventurer"
Interview with Brad Andres on KeyForge and its design process
Unlock a New Door
Preview of the cards and some mechanics in Call of the Archons
Welcome to the Crucible
Overview of the houses in Call of the Archons and the story of the Crucible
The Long and Winding Road
The developer Daniel Lovat Clark discusses how the story behind KeyForge was created
Spinning Tales
A fictional story about Inka the Spider, written by Nate French
Through the Wormhole!
List of pre-release events and the prizes available at each
Blood of Titans
An overview of house Brobnar in Call of the Archons
Once Upon a Goblin
A fictional story about Pingle Who Annoys, written by Nate French
Dance of Doom
Overview of house Dis in Call of the Archons
A Strange Game
A fictional story about Inka the Spider meeting a Dis Demon, written by Daniel Lovat Clark
Knowledge is Power
Overview of house Logos in Call of the Archons
Launched into the Crucible
Description of launch parties and the prizes available at each
Early Access
List of pre-launch events
Dawn of Discovery
Summary of the first age of Organized Play, the Dawn of Discovery, and its goals
Dextre's Price
A fictional story about Dextre hiring Inka the Spider, written by Nate French
How Does This Thing Work?
Explanation of what makes KeyForge unique
Differences between Archon and Sealed formats
Differences among Reversal, Auction, Adaptive, Survival, and Triad variants
The Unique Story of Unique Games
Christian Petersen reveals the origins of unique deck games and the challenges that are involved in making a unique game
Mars Attacks!
Overview of house Mars in Call of the Archons
The Martian Legend
A fictional story containing Inka the Spider and Yxili Marauder, written by Daniel Lovat Clark
The Glorious Few
Overview of house Sanctum in Call of the Archons
The Gate of Hope
A fictional story about Duma the Martyr at the Gate of Hope, written by Daniel Lovat Clarke
Perilous Wilds
Overview of house Untamed in Call of the Archons
Niffle, Niffle, Niffle
A fictional story about Inka the Spider studying the behavior of Niffle Apes, written by Daniel Lovat Clarke
What Hides in the Shadows
Fictional story about Old Bruno, written by Daniel Lovat Clarke
Archon Names
Announcement that some Call of the Archons decks have unfortunate names and are banned from registration
The Master Plan
Overview of house Shadows in Call of the Archons
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like KeyForge
Release of a holiday-themed KeyForge playmat
The Master Vault
Overview of how to use the Master Vault app and website, including the ways you can use it to browse decks, register decks, and participate in events
Banner of Battle
Release of 8 playmats containing Call of the Archons artwork
The Archons Arise
Announcement of the release of Call of the Archons
Tiny Pods of Discovery
List of Discovery Pod Events
The Latest from FFG
Summary of new FFG products (including KeyForge)


Publications from 2019
2019 World Championships
Announcement of a KeyForge Celebration event, and statement that there would be no World Championship in 2019
Time of Triumph
Summary of the second age of Organized Play, the Time of Triumph, and its goals
Events and prizes during the Time of Triumph
This Vault is Open
Vault Tour
Summary of the Vault Tour and a few prizes
Power Up!
Explanation of chains and power levels awarded through ChainBounds
Gaming Resolutions
Design goals for the upcoming year from FFG card designers (including KeyForge developers, such as Brad Andres, Danny Schaefer, and Aaron Haltom)
The Future of Organized Play
Discussion of changes to Organized Play, including Seasonal Kits
Changes to the names of FFG tournament tiers: Overview of goals for the next year: future goals for GEM, striving for better communication
Go with the Game Flow
Discussion of the game flow in KeyForge and other card games and the Do As Much As You Can principle
Age of Ascension
Announcement of the second set, Age of Ascension, and a preview of several cards
Each Vault is Unique
Vault Tour
List of Vault Tour prizes
Neuro Syphon
Release of a new KeyForge video
The Hunt for Æmber
Æmbershards awarded at each event tier
Vault Tour Prize Wall costs
What is a KeyForge Metagame?
Vault Tour
Analysis of the top decks and cards of the Eindhoven and Seattle Vault Tours
Entropic Manipulator
Overview of the art direction of KeyForge and the artistic differences among houses
For Mars!
Season One prizes for Seasonal Kits and Open Play Nights, featuring Yxili Marauder
Heart of the Crucible
Announcing 9 different playmats with art from Age of Ascension
Angels and Demons
Overview of houses Sanctum and Dis in the set Age of Ascension
Science Fiction Double Feature
Overview of houses Logos and Mars in the set Age of Ascension
Reaping the Rewards
Announcement of Æmbershard bonuses for the release of Age of Ascension
Trust Your Instincts
Overview of houses Shadows and Untamed in Age of Ascension
Forging the Future
Summary of Rulebook updates prior to the release of Age of Ascension (such as the Bait and Switch, Library Access, and Drummernaut errata)
Available Now - May 30
Announcement of new Age of Ascension products, including the Starter Set, Archon Decks, and playmats
The Spoils of Strength
Summary of Store Championships: formats, power levels, and prizes
The Key to the Crucible
Overview of Æmbershards, the Master Vault, Formats and Variants, Chains, Power Levels achieved at each event tier, and the Vault Tour
2019 Grand Championships
List of Grand Championships for the 2019-2020 season
Bräkken Now on Tour!
Vault Tour
Summary of exclusive Bräkken (Brobnar rock band) Vault Tour prizes and costs
A World of Infinite Wonder
Announcement of 7 playmats with art from Worlds Collide
Worlds Collide
Announcement of the third set, Worlds Collide, and a preview of the new Saurian and Star Alliance houses
A Chance of Cataclysms
Overview of Prime Championships: Æmbershards, formats, power levels, and prizes
Destroy Them All!
Explanation of a major Rulebook update clarifying Destroyed: effects, “For each”, Replacement Effects, and more
Leader of the Pack
Overview of store Leaderboards and alternate art decks
Announcement of Weekly Sealed events
Lessons of Amateur Game Design
Several FFG game designers (including several KeyForge developers) discuss their early game designs
Rise of the VaultWarrior
Overview of VaultWarrior series: events, formats and variants, prizes
2019 KeyForge Prime Championships
List of dates and locations for 2019-2020 Prime Championships
Favor of Rex
Preview of house Saurian in Worlds Collide
The Master of Chains
Interview with the KeyForge player who has acquired the most chains on a deck, and an analysis of his Age of Ascension deck that has 21 chains
Set Stunners To...
Preview of house Star Alliance in Worlds Collide


Publications from 2020
Cracking the Vault Tour
Vault Tour
List of new Vault Tour prizes (such as the Saurian sweaters and playmats for new houses)
Secrets of the Crucible
Announcement of a KeyForge-themed RPG named Secrets of the Crucible, part of the Genesys series, to be released Q2 2020
Mass Mutation
Announcement of the fourth set, Mass Mutation, and some spoilers regarding cards and mechanics
Available Now - February 7
List of newly released FFG products, including 4 playmats with art from Worlds Collide
Available Now - February 21
List of 3 new KeyForge playmats with art from Worlds Collide
Battle for the Vault
Overview of the upcoming 2020 World Championships, including registration, side events, and the Last Chance Qualifier event
Mutant Invasion!
Announcement of an expansion pack for the Genesys KeyForge RPG containing themes from the set Mass Mutation
A Trip Down Memory Lane
KeyForge player Blake Powell discusses how he fell in love with the game and his first experiences playing
Play KeyForge for Free
Four print-and-play decks featuring the upcoming set Mass Mutation
Into the Jungle
KeyForge player Austin Kukay discusses deck evaluation and play strategies for the Sealed format
The Time for Mutation
An update on the release plans for Mass Mutation: China and Taiwan in May, global release scheduled for July
Changed by Dark Æmber
An overview of the upcoming set, Mass Mutation, and how Mutants will be an important theme
The Return of House Sanctum
Austin Kukay talks about how house Sanctum has evolved and discusses some of the prevailing themes for the house in the latest set, Mass Mutation
Dark Tidings
Summary of the upcoming fifth set, Dark Tidings, which introduces House Unfathomable and explores underwater themes


Publications from 2021
A Mutation in the Rules
A rules update after the release of Mass Mutation and a summary of the reasoning behind some of the bigger changes to the rulebook
Forging Ahead
An update regarding the state of Organized Play and official announcement that the KeyForge World Championships will be delayed to 2022
A New Adventure
The announcement of KeyForge Adventures, a new way to play KeyForge cooperatively for 1-3 players
Dark Tidings Delays
An official announcement that the release of Dark Tidings is delayed in several countries due to shipping issues and that the set will not appear on the Master Vault until several bugs are fixed
A New Shade of the Crucible
An April Fools' joke about a new black-and-white product to be released on April 1, 3021
Available Now: April 23
Announcing the release of Rise of the Keyraken, the first print-and-play KeyForge Adventure
Available Now for KeyForge: May 14
Announcing the release of both Dark Tidings in the United States and the second KeyForge Adventure titled Abyssal Conspiracy
Down, But Not Out
Announcing a hiatus for the game due to issues with the deckbuilding algorithm, along with the announcement of Winds of Exchange and the intention to create a digital version of the game
In-Flight 2021
Recapping the 2021 FFG In-Flight Report and announcing the new house Compacts of Ekwidon in Winds of Exchange

FFG Live

FFG Live Announcements
FFG Live in February (2019)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including one with Richard Garfield)
FFG Live in March (2019)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including a preview of Age of Ascension)
FFG Live in April (2019)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including a FFG KeyForge championship)
FFG Live in May (2019)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including previews of Age of Ascension)
FFG Live in February (2020)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including a preview of Mass Mutation and a giveaway)
FFG Live in July (2020)
FFG Live
List of KeyForge livestreams (including a Mass Mutation live play and Q&A with the developers)
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