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Grand Championships
August 2019 - Present
Once per country each year (in select countries)
Power Levels Awarded:
Winner: Power level 6[1]
No set restrictions
No power level restrictions

Formerly known as National Championships, Grand Championships are high-level Organized Play tournaments that take place only once a year per nation or territory.

As the tier above Prime Championships, these events offer increased prizes, as well as invitations to the KeyForge World Championship for the Top 4 players (and if there are enough participating players, free travel to the World Championship for the winner).

At a Grand Championship, players are awarded 20 Æmbershards for participation, along with 10 Æmbershards per win and an additional 150 for the winner. The winner also gets a unique "Grand Champion" KeyForge deck (with a different card back and "Grand Champion" in the name, but otherwise a regular procedurally generated KeyForge deck).

Grand Championships can be run in one of the following formats: Archon Triad, Archon Survival, Sealed Adaptive, Sealed Triad.

Results and schedule

2019-2020 Season

Date Location Format Players
Age of Ascension
Aug. 15-18 Germany flag.png Düsseldorf, Germany Sealed Adaptive 87
  Winner: Unknown
Aug. 23-25 Canada.png Toronto, Canada Archon Survival 23
  Winner: Kirk Maijala
Aug. 24-25 Australia.png Melbourne, Australia Archon Triad 48
  Winner: Phillip McKay
Aug. 29-Sep. 2 United states.png NOVA, Washington, US Sealed Triad 70
  Winner: Colby Bennardo
Sep. 14-15 Italy flag.png Modena, Italy Archon Triad 244
  Winner: Cristiano Erente
Sep. 28 Greece flag.png Athens, Greece Archon Solo
  Winner: Unknown
Oct. 4-6 Flag of France.png Lyon, France Archon Triad 67
  Winner: Eddy Audibert
Oct. 19-20 Denmark.png Taastrup, Denmark Sealed Adaptive 65
  Winner: Christiaan Vestergaard
Worlds Collide
Nov. 9-10 Netherlands flag.png Utrecht, Netherlands Archon Survival 114
  Winner: Erik Courier
Comment: Final best-of-3, WC not legal due to 11 Days Rule
Nov. 15-17 Spain flag.png Madrid, Spain Sealed Adaptive
  Winner: Alejandro Rosa
Nov. 16-17 Sweden flag.png Stockholm, Sweden Sealed Adaptive
  Winner: Unknown
Nov. 23 Belgium flag2.jpg Saint-Gilles, Belgium Archon Survival
  Winner: Aurore Raccah
Comment: 2-deck "true" survival
Nov. 23-24 Poland.png Gdańsk, Poland Sealed Triad 121
  Winner: Unknown
Comment: Open 2 and use 1 deck from each set
Nov. 29-Dec. 1 Brazil flag.png São Paulo, Brazil Sealed Triad 178
  Winner: Rafael Akira
Comment: Used Age of Ascension for the event
Nov. 29-Dec. 1 China flag.png Shanghai, China
  Winner: Unknown
Dec. 21 Taiwan flag.png Taipei City, Taiwan Archon Survival
  Winner: Unknown
Jan. 18-19 Chile flag.png Santiago, Chile Sealed Adaptive
  Winner: Unknown
Feb. 2 Australia.png Parramatta, NSW, Australia Archon Adaptive 16
  Winner: Alex Forndran
Upcoming Grand Championships
Feb. 29-Mar. 1 United kingdom.png Milton Keynes, UK Archon Survival
  Comment: Ticketing, Not a true survival

2020-2021 Season

Date Location Format
Mass Mutation
Upcoming Grand Championships
Sep. 12-13 Canada.png Montréal, Canada TBD
  Comment: Facebook Announcement, at Warzone Montreal

Further Reading

2019 Grand Championships, 15 July 2019


  1. According to the Fantasy Flight article The Key to the Crucible, the winning deck of a Grand Championship should receive power level 6. However, the overwhelming majority of winning decks in the 2019-2020 season have received power levels 5 or below.
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