2019 Eindhoven Vault Tour

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2019 Eindhoven Vault Tour
Netherlands flag.png Eindhoven, NL
March 15-17, 2019
Current Set:
Rachael Trimble
Beursgebouw Eindhoven

The 2019 Eindhoven Vault Tour was the first ever Vault Tour. It was an archon solo event for the Call of the Archons. It was held on the same dates as the 2019 Seattle Vault Tour but in an earlier time zone. The event far exceeded Fantasy Flight Games' expectations, drawing a total of 184 players from a wide range of countries.

Rachael Trimble, from the United Kingdom, won the Vault Tour in a best-of-three final with her double Timetraveller deck named The Captain of Barrackslaunch. She went 5-1 on the day 1 but managed to avenge her day 1 loss in a rematch against the player on day 2. Her final opponent played a Library Access/Nepenthe Seed deck named Schlosserin „Sirene“ Stafford, although the player had to discard his Nepenthe Seed in one of the games due to a ready Nexus on the board.

Top Decks

  Deck Name Set Houses
1 The Captain of Barrackslaunch CotA Logos.pngMars.pngShadows.png
2 Schlosserin „Sirene“ Stafford CotA Logos.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Beulah l'Abondante, Meurtrière du Fjord CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T4 "Steel" Gisaelll, Hall Forest Keeper CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T8 Torch the Ponderously Immovable CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 Guild-keeper Cutduce Bruno CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T8 Javamash Browning, the Warded and Iron CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T8 E. Trekker, Urtcrete's Swift Professor CotA Sanctum.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T16 Farflinch, Spawn of Justmon CotA Dis.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
T16 E. Talbot, Skeptiker der grauen Insel CotA Brobnar.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
T16 K. Rook, Icengopolis's Cautious Baker CotA Brobnar.pngDis.pngShadows.png
T16 Sonicthrip Xhoo-Lhi, Pupa CotA Logos.pngMars.pngUntamed.png
T16 Kapitänin „Bestie“ Yarborough CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Y. Incognito, Adviser of the Armed Sector CotA Mars.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T16 Master Datalogic, the Blank Techie CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Hunter “Escorpio”, el Somnoliento CotA Brobnar.pngLogos.pngShadows.png

House Composition & Analysis

Set and House Breakdown
of Top 16 Decks
Set Number of Decks in Each House Total
CotA 3 9 7 6 3 15 5 16
Total 3 9 7 6 3 15 5 16
Total 3 9 7 6 3 15 5 16
Most Popular Cards in Eindhoven VT
Top 16 Decks, by Rarity
Shadows.png Urchin (13)
Shadows.png Bait and Switch (12)
Shadows.png Nerve Blast (12)
Shadows.png Relentless Whispers (12)
Mars.png Yxilo Bolter (9)
Shadows.png Old Bruno (5)
Untamed.png Nepenthe Seed (4)
Shadows.png Skeleton Key (4)
Shadows.png Subtle Maul (4)
Dis.png Tentacus (4)
Rares & Specials
Logos.png Help from Future Self (5)
Logos.png Timetraveller (5)

Videos and Streams

Keyforge Vault Tour – Round 4 (Eindhoven) (Untamed, Shadows, Brobnar vs Shadows, Logos, Untamed)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Round 5 (Eindhoven) (Logos, Untamed, Shadows vs Brobnar, Shadows, Sanctum)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Round 6 (Eindhoven) (Logos, Shadows, Untamed, vs Dis, Logos, Sanctum)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Top Cut Round 1 (Eindhoven) (Brobnar, Shadow, Untamed vs Dis, Sanctum, Shadow)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Top Cut Round 2 (Eindhoven) (Mars, Shadows, Dis, vs Dis, Brobnar, Shadows)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Top Cut Round 3 (Eindhoven) (Dis, Shadows, Untamed vs Dis, Logos, Shadows)
Keyforge Vault Tour – Top 4 (Eindhoven) (Logos, Shadows, Untamed vs Dis, Logos, Shadows)
Vault Tour – FINAL! (Eindhoven) (Logos, Shadows, Untamed vs Mars, Logos, Shadows)

Additional Content

"Don’t focus on scores and things and just focus on playing a deck and seeing what it can do. No deck is going to win every game so don’t be afraid of losing as [none] of us want a deck to win every game. We want decks to have a weakness so everyone has a chance."

Rachael Trimble, Winner

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