2019 Indianapolis Sealed Worlds Collide Vault Tour

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2019 Indianapolis Sealed
Worlds Collide Vault Tour
United states.png Indianapolis, IN, USA
November 8-10, 2019
Current Set:
Nathan Westlake
The Indiana Convention Center

The 2019 Indianapolis Sealed Worlds Collide Vault Tour was the third Vault Tour hosted in Indianapolis, IN, United States during 2019. It was a sealed solo tournament scheduled to coincide with the release of the third set, Worlds Collide, which introduced two new houses for the first time. Because Target had unwittingly sold Worlds Collide decks before the official release date, many players already had some experience with the set before the event, and all cards were unofficially spoiled several weeks beforehand.

The tournament had a sizable turnout, with 166 players coming to celebrate the release of Worlds Collide. The top 4 played their games as best-of-three matches. The Vault Tour was won by Nathan Westlake from team SAS-LP, who was the third player to win two Vault Tours and the first to win both a sealed and an archon vault tour. He went undefeated with a Logos, Saurian, and Star Alliance deck named X. Olivier, Farnate’s Long-winded Lord. This was the first ever Vault Tour in which Shadows was not the most popular house in the top 16.

Top Decks

  Deck Name Set Houses
1 X. Olivier, Farnate’s Long-winded Lord WC Logos.pngSaurian P.pngStar Alliance.png
2 Ibrilaff, the Gray Cell Mayor WC Saurian P.pngStar Alliance.pngUntamed.png
T4 The Citizen who Steals from Light WC Dis.pngSaurian P.pngStar Alliance.png
T4 Archonovich the Passive WC Dis.pngLogos.pngSaurian P.png
T8 Salvador, Armored Graveyard Hordeleader WC Brobnar.pngSaurian P.pngStar Alliance.png
T8 Lieren, Vulgavard’s Scholar WC Saurian P.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 Mentor U. Leevivald WC Brobnar.pngSaurian P.pngStar Alliance.png
T8 Bjorn, Sage of the Paranoid Sea WC Saurian P.pngShadows.pngStar Alliance.png
T16 Desdemona M. Heartsteel, the One WC Brobnar.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Mr. Novaeye, the Streetwise Poetaster WC Dis.pngSaurian P.pngUntamed.png
T16 Montgomery of Moonward WC Brobnar.pngDis.pngStar Alliance.png
T16 Regital, the Sorceress Hunter WC Saurian P.pngStar Alliance.pngUntamed.png
T16 K. Tsong, the Gridiron Praefectus WC Brobnar.pngSaurian P.pngShadows.png
T16 Presto “Peaceful” Kara WC Brobnar.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Deck not registered WC
T16 Deck not registered WC

Note: This information is incomplete. If you know of additional decks played at this event, please contact us.

House Composition & Analysis

Set and House Breakdown
of Top 16 Decks
Set Number of Decks in Each House Total
Saurian P.png
Star Alliance.png
WC 6 4 4 11 5 8 4 14
Total 6 4 4 11 5 8 4 14
Saurian P.png
Star Alliance.png
Total 6 4 4 11 5 8 4 14
Most Popular Cards in Indianapolis VT
Top 16 Decks, by Rarity
Star Alliance.png First Officer Frane (8)
Saurian P.png Rhetor Gallim (8)
Shadows.png Kymoor Eclipse (7)
Saurian P.png Phalanx Strike (7)
Saurian P.png Praefectus Ludo (7)
Saurian P.png Tricerian Legionary (7)
Saurian P.png Philophosaurus (8)
Saurian P.png Terrordactyl (4)
Saurian P.png Tribune Pompitus (4)
Rares & Specials
Brobnar.png Forgemaster Og (2)
Star Alliance.png Forging an Alliance (2)
Untamed.png Gravid Cycle (2)
Saurian P.png Grimlocus Dux (2)
Shadows.png Keyforgery (2)
Star Alliance.png Quixxle Stone (2)
Shadows.png Ring of Invisibility (2)
Saurian P.png Spartasaur (2)
Untamed.png Teliga (2)
Saurian P.png Triumph (2)

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