2019 AdeptiCon Vault Tour

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2019 AdeptiCon Vault Tour
United states.png Schaumburg, IL, USA
March 27-31, 2019
Current Set:
George Keagle
Harper College, Palatine, IL

The 2019 AdeptiCon Vault Tour was the first Vault Tour held in the three deck Archon survival format. Side events on the first two days before the Vault Tour were hosted at the main convention in Schaumburg, IL, United States, part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Due to the unexpected turnout of 122 players, the main tournament was moved to an off site location at Harper College in Palatine, IL.

The Vault Tour was won by George Keagle from Team Reapout with a Library Access/Nepenthe Seed deck named "Gasoline" Maximiliano, Dungeon Keeper. During the third game of the adaptive finals, George played his deck "Gasoline" at zero chains, with neither player willing to bid chains on the deck despite Gasoline winning the first two games. It won the final game handily, drawing the LANS combo early. Due to the amount of time the combo takes to resolve, the card Library Access was later subject to an errata, but his Vault Tour winning deck also won the 2019 Collinsville Vault Tour after the errata. There were three other Library Access combo decks in the top 16, two of which had the LANS combo and one which had a combo with Reverse Time.

Top Decks

  Deck Name Set Houses
1 "Gasoline" Maximiliano, Dungeon Keeper CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngUntamed.png
2 Mx. Hongonail Delgado CotA Brobnar.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Firagrouch, the Princess of the Hall CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Iuzvex, the Aggressive Volcano Predator CotA Brobnar.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 The Woman that Has The Alley CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 White of Zosthold CotA Logos.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 Captain D. Dherizzorn CotA Dis.pngMars.pngSanctum.png
T16 Womracer Medina-Ibáñez, Rat CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Ayanga the Silver CotA Brobnar.pngDis.pngShadows.png
T16 Sevenlittle Suzuki-Shand, Lieutenant CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngSanctum.png
T16 W. Ventus, Sarthatrail's Ruffled Hoodlum CotA Mars.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
T16 Pampered "Pinky" Maxwell CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngUntamed.png
T16 Emir "Slacker" Kauldron CotA Logos.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T16 Sartaq “Tower Shield” Blitzfret CotA Sanctum.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T16 Tragispore, Spawn of Baalrit CotA Dis.pngMars.pngSanctum.png
T16 Irritable "Fist" Ursula CotA Mars.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png

Note: This information is incomplete. If you know the remaining top 8 deck, please contact us.

House Composition & Analysis

Set and House Breakdown
of Top 16 Decks
Set Number of Decks in Each House Total
CotA 3 9 6 4 5 11 10 16
Total 3 9 6 4 5 11 10 16
Total 3 9 6 4 5 11 10 16
Most Popular Cards in AdeptiCon VT
Top 16 Decks, by Rarity
Dis.png Control the Weak (10)
Dis.png Dust Imp (9)
Shadows.png Relentless Whispers (9)
Untamed.png Hunting Witch (8)
Logos.png Phase Shift (8)
Shadows.png Silvertooth (8)
Untamed.png Nature’s Call (9)
Dis.png Hysteria (5)
Dis.png Snudge (5)
Shadows.png Speed Sigil (5)
Shadows.png Hidden Stash (4)
Untamed.png Mimicry (4)
Untamed.png Nepenthe Seed (4)
Dis.png Shaffles (4)
Dis.png Three Fates (4)
Rares & Specials
Shadows.png One Last Job (3)
Shadows.png Routine Job (3)
Untamed.png Teliga (3)

Videos and Streams

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