2019 Denver Vault Tour

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2019 Denver Vault Tour
United states.png Denver, CO, USA
April 27-29, 2019
Current Set:
Nathan Westlake

The 2019 Denver Vault Tour was the second archon survival Vault Tour for Call of the Archons. The tournament took place on April 27-29, 2019 in Denver, CO, United States, and drew 131 players. This was the last archon Vault Tour prior to the Library Access and Bait and Switch erratas. Even though the top cut only contained two Library Access/Nepenthe Seed decks, nine out of the top sixteen decks contained a copy of Bait and Switch.

Nathan Westlake of Team SAS-LP won the Vault Tour by playing a Dis, Logos, Shadows deck named Bahamut "Alp Larissa" Heifetz. However, all three games of the adaptive finals were won with his opponent's deck, Bombfoot, the Aeronaut of the Pike. Nathan bid on Bombfoot for 1 chain in the bidding portion of the adaptive finals. He also went undefeated with his day 1 deck with the exception of a concession in the last round to play Bahamut for day 2. His day 1 deck, "Galaxy" Tycho, Manor Arrowsmith, later went on to win the 2020 Albany Vault Tour with his teammate as its pilot.

Top Decks

  Deck Name Set Houses
1 Bahamut "Alp Larissa" Heifetz CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
2 Bombfoot, the Aeronaut of the Pike CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 The Creature that Screams at Dreams CotA Logos.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Wildly Rapid Swish CotA Sanctum.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 Leechdjinni Danneville-Espec, Duchess CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngUntamed.png
T8 Goldholder, Hockster's Surveyor CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T8 Krylov of Boltberg Sanctuary CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Skiponostril, the “Warden” of Freedom CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Ribfighter Pointel-Tasker, Critic CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T16 Prescott “Lady Chambers” Otero CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 The One that Knowingly Lives for Music CotA Brobnar.pngDis.pngMars.png
T16 The Sheik of Polmore CotA Brobnar.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
T16 Rascal Vega CotA Mars.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
T16 Stitch the Truthful CotA Brobnar.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T16 Coaly, the “Conqueror” of Physics CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngMars.png
T16 Cenbrow Roscomb-Nemonius, Eminence CotA Logos.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png

House Composition & Analysis

Set and House Breakdown
of Top 16 Decks
Set Number of Decks in Each House Total
CotA 3 10 10 4 4 13 4 16
Total 3 10 10 4 4 13 4 16
Total 3 10 10 4 4 13 4 16
Most Popular Cards in Denver VT
Top 16 Decks, by Rarity
Shadows.png Urchin (14)
Shadows.png Relentless Whispers (12)
Dis.png Ember Imp (10)
Dis.png Shooler (10)
Shadows.png Bait and Switch (9)
Dis.png Control the Weak (9)
Logos.png Phase Shift (9)
Shadows.png Shadow Self (9)
Shadows.png Speed Sigil (8)
Logos.png Neuro Syphon (6)
Dis.png Snudge (6)
Logos.png Positron Bolt (5)
Dis.png Tendrils of Pain (5)
Rares & Specials
Shadows.png Routine Job (4)
Logos.png Reverse Time (3)

Videos and Streams

Denver Vault Tour Round 1! (Logos, Shadows, Untamed vs Brobnar, Sanctum, Untamed) (Keyforge!)
Denver Vault Tour Round 2! (Brobnar, Sanctum, Untamed vs Logos, Sanctum, Shadows) (Keyforge!)
Denver Vault Tour Round 3! (Dis, Logos, Shadows vs Dis, Logos, Shadows) (Keyforge!)
Denver Vault Tour Top 8! (Shadows, Untamed, Sanctum vs Brobnar, Sanctum, Shadows) (Keyforge!)
Denver Vault Tour Top 4! (Keyforge Official Tournament)
BDQ Keyforge Cast - Denver Vault Tour - Finals

Additional Content

"Know what your deck does inside and out, when it turns the corner, and when it's right to discard cards. Know when to mulligan. The more you play with your deck, the better you're gonna be with it."

Brooks Clark, Finalist

Q&A with Denver Vault Tour 2nd Place Brooks Clark!
Denver Vault Tour Winning Deck!! (Best Keyforge Deck)
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