2019 Las Vegas Vault Tour

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2019 Las Vegas Vault Tour
United states.png Las Vegas, NV, USA
October 4-6, 2019
Current Set:
Joe Huber
The D Las Vegas Hotel

The Las Vegas Vault Tour was the first Vault Tour held in the Archon triad format, in which players brought three decks to the event. It was held between October 4-6, 2019 and had 121 players in attendance.

Joe Huber, formerly of Team SAS-LP, won the tournament with a triad containing three Shadows decks. He had made top 8 with one of his three decks, Yakstreet, the Countess of Stokepit, at the Gen Con Archon Vault Tour earlier that year as well. His deck King Terentia Hopavicious is the only Four Horsemen deck to win a Vault Tour. Due to an incident during the top 8 match at Las Vegas, the champion was suspended through May 2020. The top 8 contained decks from both Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension, although the vast majority of decks in the top 8 were Call of the Archons decks containing Shadows. Ten out of the twelve top four triad decks were CotA Shadows decks.

Top Decks

  Deck Name Set Houses
1 King Terentia Hopavicious  CotA Brobnar.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Ricardo “Inferno” il Subdolo  CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
Yakstreet, the Countess of Stokepit  CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
2 Ichamask Bjorgsonn-Gulbrandsen, Genius CotA Brobnar.pngLogos.pngUntamed.png
Tahl of Easterhaven CotA Logos.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Xyleena “Prince Moleman” Zambian CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Banefully Brass Hon CotA Brobnar.pngDis.pngShadows.png
The Thrall that Melts Copper CotA Dis.pngMars.pngSanctum.png
Wildly Rapid Swish CotA Sanctum.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T4 Dean Hunchasnail, the Bastioned Gangster CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
Microderm of the Cultist's Chasm CotA Dis.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Ponsidetri, Treasury Antenna CotA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T8 d'Audrieu of Secagom Garden CotA Dis.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Oddly Ubiquitous Villano CotA Logos.pngMars.pngShadows.png
Typhoon the Allegedly Terrifying CotA Dis.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T8 Honorable O. Whispergiver CotA Brobnar.pngDis.pngSanctum.png
Painter Ripper CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngUntamed.png
Haukea, Honeytower Lance Corporal AoA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
T8 Garcion, the Owl of Browncot AoA Logos.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Margaret “Raider” Nisacreep AoA Dis.pngMars.pngShadows.png
Shieldsen, Penstock's Skeptic CotA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png
T8 Asher, Pawn of the Boundless Orchard CotA Dis.pngSanctum.pngUntamed.png
E’stara, Ockton Lady CotA Brobnar.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
Centigun, Spawn of Lumberoat CotA Brobnar.pngShadows.pngUntamed.png
T16 Svetlana, Westburg Soothsayer AoA Dis.pngSanctum.pngShadows.png
Multifarious “Radley” Nikola CotA Brobnar.pngSanctum.pngUntamed.png
He who Melodramatically Owns Innocence  AoA Dis.pngLogos.pngShadows.png

House Composition

Set and House Breakdown
of Top 16 Decks
Set Number of Decks in Each House Total
CotA 7 14 6 4 9 16 10 22
AoA 4 2 2 2 5 5
Total 7 18 8 6 11 21 10 27
Total 7 18 8 6 11 21 10 27

Videos and Streams

Las Vegas Vault Tour Finals Joe Vs Kirk
Las Vegas Vault Tour Semi Finals Justin Vs Kirk
Las Vegas Vault Tour Quarter Finals Joe VS Kirkman
Las Vegas Vault Tour Top 16 Kirk VS Erich
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 6 Devin Vs Andrew
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 5 Leo Vs Benj
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 4 Danny Vs Mathew
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 3 Grant Vs Colton
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 2 Dave Vs Luke
Las Vegas Vault Tour Round 1 Devin Vs Nathan

Additional Content

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