Praefectus Ludo

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Praefectus Ludo
Praefectus Ludo • Saurian • Creature • Common • Each other friendly creature gains, “Destroyed: Move each Aember icon from this creature to the common supply.” • Artist: Gong Studios • Card Number: WC:190, MM:195, VM2023:268
Praefectus Ludo
WC 190
MM 195
VM2023 268
Artist: Gong Studios


As long as Praefectus Ludo is in play, each other friendly creature gains the ability "Destroyed: Move each Æmber on this creature to the common supply.” In a case where multiple creatures are destroyed simultaneously, including Praefectus Ludo, all the affected creatures would be tagged for destruction, then Destroyed: abilities would resolve, moving Æmber from the creatures to the common supply, and then once all Destroyed: abilities have finished resolving, all creatures would be placed into the discard pile simultaneously, in the order of the Active player's choosing.

Source: Destroyed

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