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Ghost Galaxy introduced Unchained decks in 2022 as part of their Winds of Exchange Gamefound campaign, and were first available to attendees at KeyForge Celebration 2022. These decks were later made available to Gamefound backers and retailers in 2023.

Unchained decks are known for a more relaxed use of the deck building algorithm, resulting in more rares, more Mavericks, and a generally wackier experience with less balance than decks from standard KeyForge sets. The idea for Unchained decks were meant to have them more closely mirror Richard Garfield's original vision for KeyForge (originally titled "Technic" at the time) where deck generation was much more random had had fewer qualifiers.[1]

Unchained sets are not limited to seven houses, and decks can pull from the vast majority of card pools from all other previously released sets.

While Unchained decks can be registered in the Master Vault, they are not tournament legal. Unchained decks also feature a different graphic treatment on the card backs.

From left to right: Identity Card, card back (with token creature), and card back (without token creature) for Unchained 2023 decks.

Unchained 2023

The first ever Unchained set, Unchained 2023 (also listed as Unchained 2022) debuted at KeyForge Celebration 2022. The set featured cards from the first six KeyForge sets: Call of the Archons, Age of Ascension, Worlds Collide, Mass Mutation, Dark Tidings, and Winds of Exchange. In addition to being available at KeyForge Celebration, decks could also be added as rewards for Ghost Galaxy's Gamefound campaign to revitalize KeyForge.

All eleven houses in the game at the time were eligible to be selected for deck generation. Decks had the potential to have a token creature associated with it if cards that made token creatures were included in the deck.


Name Model Description
KeyForge: Unchained 2023 Edition Archon Deck KFU01 Also listed as "Unchained 2022" in some locations
KeyForge: Unchained Display KFU01d Contains 12 Unchained 2023 Archon Decks