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KeyForge Celebration is the yearly landmark event for KeyForge organized by Ghost Galaxy and hosted at Gamezenter in Roseville, MN. The first KeyForge Celebration was held in November of 2022. KeyForge Celebration is also the site of the KeyForge World Championships, starting with KeyForge Celebration 2023.



November 10 – 12, 2023 | Official Event Website | Tickets and Accommodations


2023 World Championships Results

Archon Open Tournament

  • Champion: benthemonkey
  • Runner-Up: baqno

Alliance Open Tournament

  • Champion: Asas22
  • Runner-Up: stormstrong



November 11 – 13, 2022

KeyForge Celebration 2022 featured the introduction of Ghost Galaxy's vision for what Organized Play would look like going forward. Friday featured a Sealed Alliance tournament debuting Winds of Exchange, followed by an Archon and Alliance tournament being held on Saturday and Sunday. All three of these tournaments were held using a double elimination format, breaking from the tradition of using Swiss pairings for high level events. As players were eliminated, they entered a second chance event know as Second Æmber. Other events featured at KeyForge Celebration included Unchained Duels and a cooperative Rise of the Keyraken challenge.


Archon Standard

  • Winner: Z – “Pink Jacket” Tadeusz, City Dreamchaser
  • Nova – Jacques “Aombre”, lord de la station
  • Nyfty – Sánchez the Deceptively Dastardly
  • FlamingHobo – Cardath, the Illustrator of the Market
  • Felixxtheviking – Itō of Openmarket Rainforest
  • Drsheep – Donovan of Jereztread Haunt
  • Matt Watson – Baines, Architetto Vuoto
  • Xraycreator – Jaguhurt, the Scavenger of DNA

Alliance Standard

  • Winner: JayPower – Q. Fink, la Ágil (Dis), Унылый Нельсон Ленюк (Star Alliance), The Aberrant Crook of Barleycorner (Logos)
  • Jared K – “Punta” Imbrogliona di Filocremoso (Dis), B.V. Rivero, Guaritrice dell’lsolamento (Mars), Solveig X. la Squamosa (Logos)
  • Joe x073d Caruso – NY Moore Ninja del Diniego (Mars), Fhaaaxuly the Invader of the Pod (Logos), I Olin the Watmaster of Redwood (Shadows)
  • AV8R – Der sorglose „Akrobat“ Erion (Mars), E. Q. Che Caccia la Malinconia della Fogna (Untamed), Chortlack, the Wild Queendom Artist (Logos)
  • benthemonkey – “Batticuore”, Dissennata di Collelento (Star Alliance & Logos), Kellen F. Grizhals, the Fourth (Saurian)
  • Vermont Gamer – F. Renovatus, the Bastion Spiritcaller (Logos), F. Renovatus, the Bastion Spiritcaller (Dis), Tsar “Flèche” van Diemen (Untamed)
  • Justin Lizza – Holcomb the Dreadfully Peculiar (Unfathomable), Holcomb the Dreadfully Peculiar (Logos), The Elder Who Revises the Labyrinth (Star Alliance)
  • Richard Haeder – Alina „Drzewo”, Banitka Drakara (Untamed), Odynface, the Baroness of the Treehouse (Dis), Herr Vialstone, the Nebulous Citizen (Logos)

Archon Sealed

  • Winner: Captain-Gale – Pickthesis, Moor Spy
  • SCSteele – Macevore, the Sargent of Clubs
  • CaffeineBuz – Duccius of Vapidju
  • xraycreator – The Well-meaning Tracker of Opticle
  • Kale – Dimitrios “Worrywart” Quipdarin
  • Collin – Cadswallop Antlake’s Painter
  • Drsheep – Architect Pirphal Blumderm
  • Nick H – van Diemen of Openriver Scrapyard

Alliance Sealed

  • Winner: Dave Cordeiro – N. Mercatius, the Treehouse Reaver, Quicklock, the Midwife of Paradox. Token Creature: Diplomat
  • Cloggin – Fallfrend, Steppe Antagonizer. Token Creature: Berserker
  • Dominic Mak – Nero “Scrappy” Doubtroon, Nero “Scrappy” Doubtroon. Token Creature: Æmberling
  • Nova – Lumberphase, Lane Misteress, “olive branch” Zoe, Tower Bodyguard. Token Creature: Borbnar Warrior
  • Eilyn – Afrit M. Palladjest, The Ninth, Erlan K. Blasdot, The 66th. Token Creature: Bellatoran Warrior
  • Peter – Rey, The Bully of Narcrag, Salvar, Enchanting McMansion Chronicler. Token Creature: Cleric
  • Sweaty Zach – Daggeira, the Curator of the Battlefield, Briar “Termite” Toregen. Token Creature: Cadet (2 games), Senator
  • RealPlayerOne [MWP] – Zamscent O’connell-Banin, Scribe, Vagabond Boost. Token Creature: Warrior

Other Events

  • Unchained Duels Winner: Z Smith (26 wins)
  • Keyraken Invictus Challenge Winning Team: The Band (Nick Simonelli, Joe Simonelli, and Greg Cousins)