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KeyForge: Menagerie decks were introduced by Ghost Galaxy in the Grim Reminders Gamefound Campaign as a stretch goal that backers unlocked after reaching $300,000 USD raised.

Menagerie decks include at least one (of 50 total possible) menagerie packets — preconstructed and curated groups of cards that play around a specific theme, identity, or combos. Other cards in the deck outside of packets are selected via the standard deck generation process.

Menagerie decks are not tournament legal.

Menagerie 2024

A preview of a KeyForge: Menagerie deck

The first Menagerie set, Menagerie 2024 first debuted at KeyForge Celebration 2023, with the set expected to ship more broadly alongside Grim Reminders pledges.

Menagerie 2024 decks can contain cards and houses from Call of the Archons to Grim Reminders (Sets 1–7), as well as cards from house Keyraken, modified and adapted from the KeyForge Adventure Rise of the Keyraken.