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This is a list of questions whose answers are unclear or ambiguous based on the current rulebook. These questions have been submitted to FFG for clarification by a contributor to Archon Arcana.

Here's the process we use for sending questions to FFG and then updating the relevant articles on Archon Arcana.

  1. Word the question with specific cards, rules, etc. Use the Official FAQ as a guideline. Try to avoid generalities like "How does this work?" or "What happens when...".
  2. Submit the question to FFG via email or via their web portal
  3. Add the question to the Outstanding Issues Database
  4. If an answer comes from an FFG email, convert the question and answer and create an entry in the FFGRulings Database. Include a screenshot with the reply and the original question. (Wherever possible, this should be done with a single screenshot. Please redact your personal email address from the screenshot.) If you're having issues with screenshots or redacting, forward the email to Blinkingline and he'll take care of it.
  5. Delete the Outstanding Issue and rebuild the Outstanding Issues Database.
  6. If FFG updates the official FAQ to include the question in a new rulebook, convert the FFG Rulings entry to a FAQ entry, using a similar process as that used for Outstanding Issues.

NOTE: Arcana Advises is a recommendation on how to resolve each outstanding issue in the absence of a judge. It is not a substitute for a judge or an official Fantasy Flight ruling. Always follow the rulings of the head judge at any event you attend. Arcana Advises is not official information from Fantasy Flight Games. Fantasy Flight has been notified of the ambiguity in the rulebook, and this and relevant articles will be updated when clarification is provided.

Submitted 2019-09-16

If I play a Unlocked Gateway and have Jargogle in play with a Wild Wormhole under it. Does Jargogle's Destroyed: ability allow me to play Wild Wormhole? What if Wild Wormhole causes a creature to be played from my deck, does it survive the Unlocked Gateway?Arcana Advises: Unlocked Gateway would first tag everything on the board for destruction. Then Destroyed: abilities (including Jargogle's) would resolve in the order of the Active Player's choosing. Jargogle's ability would play Wild Wormhole, gaining one Æmber and playing the top card of the deck. If this card is a creature, it would enter the battleline exhausted on the flank of the Active Player's choice. Wild Wormhole would go to the discard pile. If there are further Destroyed: abilities, those would resolve. Finally, all cards that are tagged for destruction will go to the discard pile. If nothing else tagged the creature that was played from Wild Wormhole for destruction, then it would remain in the battleline after Unlocked Gateway resolved.

My opponent has 2 Sir Marrows in play, and I have Po’s Pixies in play. If I reap with Po's Pixies do both Sir Marrows capture Æmber from the common pool?Arcana Advises: Yes. After the reap, the first Sir Marrows tries to capture the Æmber and Po's Pixies replaces it with an Æmber from the common pool. Normally the second Marrows would try to capture that Æmber, but it has already been captured. With Po's Pixies replacement effect in play, that Æmber is still sitting in your pool, so the Second Sir Marrows attempts to capture it, and again Po's Pixies replaces the capture from the common pool. If I play Yzphyz Knowdrone, can I target my cards in my opponent's archive to purge, and if so, can I choose a card I own based on the sleeves? If I target my own card in their archive, do I get the stun effect?Arcana Advises: Since Knowdrone's ability does not require you to choose a friendly archive, you may select either player's archive from which to choose to purge a card. While you cannot look at the faces of the cards, the card backs themselves are known information (as would be a difference in sleeve color) and since the choice is not random, you may choose which card to purge from the archive using any open information. My opponent has an Autocannon in play and I play Duskwitch. Does the Autocannon kill the Duskwitch? If so, does the Omega keyword effect still apply?

Submitted 2019-09-17

My battleline consists of three cards: Lollop the Titanic, Knoxx, and Mushroom Man. Lollop has 11 power, Knoxx has 2 neighbors, and thus has 9 power, and I have no keys forged, so Mushroom Man has 8 power. Can I choose Brobnar and play Might Makes Right to sacrifice these three creatures with a total of 28 power to forge a key for free, or will the power levels change as I start sacrificing creatures?Arcana Advises: When using Might Makes Right, you select all of the creatures to be sacrificed, and tag them for destruction. If their total power is 25 or more, then if all chosen creatures are successfully sacrificed, you will forge a key.

My battleline consists of four cards: Bad Penny, Gub, Lollop the Titanic, and King of the Crag. Bad Penny has 1 power, Gub is not on a flank and so has 6 power, Lollop has 11 power,and King of the Crag has 7 for a total of 25 power. If I choose Brobnar and play Might Makes Right to sacrifice all four creatures, the Destroyed: ability on Bad Penny will send it to hand, leaving Gub on a flank meaning he has a power of 1. Does Might Make Right still result in forging a key at no cost?Arcana Advises: Yes. When you initially selected the creatures the total power was 25 or greater when they were tagged for destruction. Even though Bad Penny ends up in your hand, it still counts as successfully sacrificed and you will forge a key at no cost.

Submitted 2019-09-19

I have chosen Dis as my active house for the turn. I play Exhume and choose to play a Helper Bot from my Discard Pile. If the next card I play is a card from house Dis, does that use up the Helper Bot's ability, or am I still allowed to play a future card from my 3rd house?Arcana Advises: Based on the FAQ entry for Phase Shift and Mimicry, the requirement for if you could play an Off House card seems to be "Would you have been able to play this card without the effect of another card?". In the case of playing a Dis card when you have selected Dis as the active house, you are not using an effect to play a Dis card, so you would be able to play a card from your third house later in your turn using Helper Bot's effect.

Submitted 2019-09-24

I have a Duskwitch and Mars Ambassador in play. If I reap with Mars Ambassador, and play a Mars creature (coming in ready because of Duskwitch), can I use the Mars creature as a part of the Ambassador's ability?

Submitted 2019-09-25

In a Best of 3 tournament, my opponent and I have each won one game. Time is called as we are setting up for Game 3. How is the winner of the round determined?

Submitted 2019-09-27

I have Overlord Greking in play, my opponent has Tolas in play. After using another creature to fight to break Tolas' elusive, I fight Tolas with Overlord Greking, destroying Tolas and bringing it into play on my side. Does Tolas' constant ability trigger to give me 1 Æmber?

Submitted 2019-10-17

If I play Wild Wormhole, and the card that I draw and play is Library Access, do I get to draw a card for playing Wild Wormhole, since I am still in the window of resolving Wild Wormhole's Play: ability?

I have Director of Z.Y.X. in play. If my opponent plays Miasma, forcing me to skip my "forge a key" step, does this also mean that the "At the start of the turn" ability granted by Director of Z.Y.X. does not resolve?

Submitted 2019-10-19

My opponent put a Scowly Caper on each side of a Dextre in my battle line. At the end of my turn, if I have no other creatures in my battle line, will I destroy both one of the Scowly Capers and Dextre, or does Dextre get tagged for destruction by both Scowly Capers?Arcana Advises: The two Scowly Capers will trigger in the same window, so the active player will resolve them in the order of their choice. Once the first Scowly Caper begins to resolve, it ends with tagging Dextre for destruction. This triggers Dextre's Destroyed: ability and sends Dextre to the top of its owners deck. With no other Destroyed abilities to resolve any cards tagged for destruction would move to discard (There are none in this case, since Dextre is already out of play) and then the second Scowly Caper will resolve, and must target the first Scowly Caper.

Submitted 2019-10-22

When playing Relentless Assault, do I choose the three creatures I am going to ready and fight immediately after playing the card, or can I resolve the first ready and fight with one creature then decide if I want to continue?

My opponent's has Haedroth's Wall in play as well as a Helper Bot (with 1 damage), Archimedes, and another Helper Bot (with one damage). If I play Tyxl Beambuckler targeting Archimedes, what happens? Do either of the Helper Bots end up in my Archive? Does Archimedes survive?

Submitted 2019-11-18

In my battleline I have Sköll (Assault 3), and I also have Shattered Throne in play. According to the Timing Chart for fighting, I exhaust Sköll and apply his Assault damage to his target, destroying it. The "rest of the fight" does not occur, so Fight: effects and "After a creature fights" effects don't trigger, but does Shattered Throne's "After a creature is used to fight" ability still trigger, allowing Sköll to capture an Æmber, or does the "rest of the fight" mean none of those effects can trigger?Arcana Advises: The "After a creature is used to fight" ability would still trigger, as the creature was used to fight, even though a fight did not occur. The other two abilities are dependent on the actual damage exchange via creature power happening, where as the use of the creature is not.

Submitted 2019-11-22

I have Fangtooth Cavern in play. In my battleline, I have Jargogle with Ghosthawk underneath. As my turn ends, Jargogle is destroyed, and I play Ghosthawk. Would the neighbors of Ghosthawk be able to reap, even though it is outside Step 3? Or would Ghosthawk still deploy, but I would be unable to reap because I can only use cards in Step 3?

Submitted 2019-12-07

If I have an Auto-Legionary in my battleline and I play a Mimic Gel as a copy of it, does Mimic Gel enter play as an artifact, or as a creature with 5 power and belongs to all houses? If the latter, does Mimic Gel's Logos ability overwrite the all house ability of the Auto-Legionary?Arcana Advises: Since Mimic Gel must enter as a creature, it would enter the battleline as a creature with 5 power, and only belonging to house Logos, overwriting the previous ability which allowed it to exist in all houses.

Submitted 2019-12-08

I have Auto-Legionary in play as a creature in my battleline and call Star Alliance as my house. I play the card Zap. Since Auto-Legionary belongs to all houses, how much damage can I deal with Zap? Do I count all houses that are on my identity card (3), count the houses of both myself and my opponent (Up to 6), total number of houses in the Worlds Collide set (7), or number of houses in the entirety of the game (9)? Maybe another number I'm missing?Arcana Advises: Zap would do 9 damage, 1 damage for each house represented in all sets of KeyForge. This decision was arrived at based on the fact that other cards such as Free Markets or Trust No One include a limit, but Zap does not.

Submitted 2019-12-10

Should Symon be considered as an Elf or an Alien?Arcana Advises: Use the trait as written on the card in resolving all effects.

Submitted 2019-12-23

My opponent has Weasand in their battleline along with other creatures. In my battleline I have Malison. On my turn, I fight using Malison against another of my opponents creatures and Malison survives, triggering its Fight: ability. If I choose to move Weasand to a flank, does it capture one Æmber from its own side due to Malison's ability before it is destroyed or does Weasand's constant ability trigger first and remove it from play, or are they in the same window and the active player gets to choose the order?Arcana Advises: Evaluate the board state after the resolution of the first effect of Malison's Fight ability. Since Weasand is on the flank, it will be Destroyed before the second effect can be resolved, and therefore will not capture the Æmber from its own side.

Submitted 2019-12-29

I have 4 Æmber in my pool and my opponent has 6. If I play Crassosaurus do I HAVE to capture 10 Æmber from both pools putting it all on Crassosaurus, or does "any combination of players" allow me to intentionally fail to resolve Crassosaurus' effect? (In other words, could I capture 6 from my opponent's pool , and zero from my pool and let Crassosaurus get purged?)Arcana Advises: The "Capture 10 Æmber" of Crassosaurus' ability is a mandatory effect and if you are able to capture 10 Æmber total from the players pools, you must do so. If the combined total Æmber in both players' pools is greater than or equal to 10, the Active player first decides how much Æmber comes from their pool and how much Æmber comes from their opponent's pool. Next, the players place the 10 Æmber tokens on Crassosaurus. If the combined total Æmber in both players' pools is less than 10, all Æmber from both pools is placed on Crassosaurus. Then, having less than 10 Æmber on it, the creature is purged, and all Æmber goes to the opponent of the controller of Crassosaurus as the card Leaves Play.

Submitted 2019-12-31

I have a Mars creature in my battleline. My opponent chooses house Dis and plays a Collar of Subordination on my creature, then finishes their turn. On my turn, I play Hypnobeam to take my creature back. However, since Collar of Subordination is a Constant ability versus the Play: ability of Hypnobeam, how do these two control effects resolve? Is it a matter of Hypnobeam's Play ability resolves and then Collar's ability refires, or does my Hypnobeam keep my creature in my battleline until it leaves play?

Submitted 2020-01-06

In a KeyForge chainbound event, if you go to time and are resolving things for step 1, can you use Æmber on creatures like Senator Shrix (or other creatures with Senator Bracchus) to forge a key, or does all of the Æmber have to come from your pool?Arcana Advises: All Æmber must come from player pools. Note that the Tiebreakers take place in a "post-game" phase, so the game is over, the tiebreakers are used to determine who receives the win in the tournament.

Submitted 2020-01-13

In my battleline, I have a Neutron Shark and another creature. My opponent has Annihilation Ritual in play. I reap with Neutron Shark and select to destroy my other creature and my opponent's Annihilation Ritual. Both cards get tagged for destruction, and then Destroyed: abilities (none in this case) resolve. Since I order the way cards are put into the discard pile, can I order it so that Annihilation Ritual goes to the discard pile first, and save my creature from being purged, or has the effect of Annihilation Ritual already been applied to my creature and now it must be purged regardless?Arcana Advises: No, while the active player determines the order for how cards go into the discard pile, they are all placed in the discard pile simultaneously.

Submitted 2020-01-20

How do Universal Recycle Bin and Spangler Box interact? If you archive a creature that was purged by Spangler Box, then play it, then it gets destroyed, and then somehow destroy the box, does the creature go back into play?Arcana Advises: When Universal Recycle Bin's ability puts the purged creature into the archives, it becomes a new instance of the creature, and Spangler Box's effect can no longer effect it.

Submitted 2020-01-29

I play Sneklifter and take control of a Spangler Box that is under the control of my opponent, making it a house Shadows artifact while under my control. I use Spangler Box, returning control to my opponent and Spangler Box's house to Logos. On a later turn, my opponent uses Spangler Box again and it returns to my control. Will Spangler Box's house return to Shadows due to the lasting effect provided by Sneklifter, or has something caused that effect to expire?

Submitted 2020-02-07

My opponent has a 3 power creature in their battleline. In my battleline, I have A. Vinda. On my turn, I call house Shadows and play Lethal Distraction, choosing my opponents 3 power creature. I then reap with A. Vinda, and deal the damage to that three power creature from A. Vinda's reap ability, as well as the damage from Lethal Distraction, destroying the creature. Does my opponent have to discard a random card from their hand, or does the damage dealt by Lethal Distraction mean that A. Vinda's damage did not destroy the creature?

Submitted 2020-02-12

If I play United Action, even if I play no cards from another house, am I still unable to use creatures this turn? Or by choosing not to use the "may" portion (and everything that follows) would I still be allowed to use creatures this turn?

Submitted 2020-02-21

I have Gebuk in my battleline. On my opponent's turn, Gebuk is destroyed. Gebuk's Destroyed: ability is resolved and I discard Spartasaur, a creature. Are "After Gebuk Leaves Play" and "After a friendly Creature is destroyed" in the same window of the Timing Chart? If so, does Spartasaur's ability trigger seeing Gebuk leaving play or can the Active player order it so that Spartasaur's ability will not trigger?

Submitted 2020-02-28

My opponent has Silvertooth in their battleline. If I play Mimic Gel as a copy of Silvertooth, will it enter play ready?

I have a copy of Orator Hissaro in my battleline. If I play Mimic Gel as a copy of Orator Hissaro, can I utilize the Deploy keyword to place Mimic Gel anywhere in my battleline?

Submitted 2020-03-09

In Crucible Cast 17, it was clarified that if there were multiple cards under Jargogle, the active player could choose which one to play or archive. Since those cards are face down, is the Active Player allowed to look at those cards before making their choice?

In my battleline, I have a creature that has been upgraded with Discombobulator. I have 6 Æmber in my pool. My opponent has Gargantodon in their battleline. My opponent plays Ronnie Wristclocks. Does my opponent capture Æmber onto a friendly creature or does Discombobulator prevent the steal before it can be replaced by Gargantodon's ability?

Submitted 2020-03-25

Bigtwig's constant ability says that it can only fight stunned creatures. Does this mean it can only be attacked by stunned creatures as well, or should Bigtwig's ability be interpreted as "When Bigtwig is used to fight, it can only attack stunned creatures."?

In my battleline I have Tantadlin in play, as well as Creed of Nurture. If I sacrifice Creed of Nurture and reveal Terrordactyl, when I use Tantadlin to fight, will it do 2 damage (as Tantadlin says), 4 damage (as Terrordactyl says), or 6 damage (combining the damage of both Tantadlin and Terrordactyl)?

Submitted 2020-03-31

In my battleline I have no creatures. My opponent has First Officer Frane in their battleline. If I play Favor of Rex and target First Officer Frane, can I capture an Æmber from my opponent and put it on First Officer Frane? Does Favor of Rex's "as if you had played it" effect make First Officer Frane friendly for the purpose of resolving the effect (like it does with "as if you controlled it" in Nexus and Shard of Greed) or must I capture to a creature in my battleline?

Submitted 2020-06-20

I have an Autocannon in play. My opponent had control of a Spangler Box that had purged three creatures. I (as the active player) played Grasping Vines to return the Spangler Box to its owner's hand. Do the creatures that return to play from Spangler Box return to play one at a time in the order of my choosing (allowing Autocannon to resolve after each one enters play), or do the three creatures return to play simultaneously (and Autocannon resolves simultaneously on all three of them once they have entered play)?

Submitted 2020-06-23

In my battleline I have Shoulder Id. My opponent attacks Shoulder Id with Ardent Hero. Does Shoulder Id's replacement effect allow me to steal one?

Submitted 2020-06-27

I've taken control of my opponent's Dark Harbinger. On my turn, I play Mimicry to copy a Shadows card from my opponent's discard pile. Does Dark Harbinger's ability resolve?

My opponent has Duskwitch in play. I play Cyber-Clone, and purge the Duskwitch. Does the Omega keyword from Duskwitch resolve ending my turn, or has the time for Omega to resolve already passed?

Submitted 2020-07-07

If I have Matter Maker in play, can I play Explo-rover as an upgrade when Star Alliance is not my active house? Can I play Explo-Rover as an upgrade if my opponent sacrificed Lifeward on a previous turn?