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This is a list of questions whose answers are unclear or ambiguous based on the current rulebook. These questions have been submitted to FFG for clarification by a contributor to Archon Arcana.

Here's the process we use for sending questions to FFG and then updating the relevant articles on Archon Arcana.

  1. Word the question with specific cards, rules, etc. Use the Official FAQ as a guideline. Try to avoid generalities like "How does this work?" or "What happens when...".
  2. Submit the question to FFG via email or via their web portal
  3. Add the question to the Outstanding Issues Database
  4. If an answer comes from an FFG email, convert the question and answer and create an entry in the FFGRulings Database. Include a screenshot with the reply and the original question. (Wherever possible, this should be done with a single screenshot. Please redact your personal email address from the screenshot.) If you're having issues with screenshots or redacting, forward the email to Blinkingline and he'll take care of it.
  5. Delete the Outstanding Issue and rebuild the Outstanding Issues Database.
  6. If FFG updates the official FAQ to include the question in a new rulebook, convert the FFG Rulings entry to a FAQ entry, using a similar process as that used for Outstanding Issues.

NOTE: Arcana Advises is a recommendation on how to resolve each outstanding issue in the absence of a judge. It is not a substitute for a judge or an official Fantasy Flight ruling. Always follow the rulings of the head judge at any event you attend. Arcana Advises is not official information from Fantasy Flight Games. Fantasy Flight has been notified of the ambiguity in the rulebook, and this and relevant articles will be updated when clarification is provided.

Submitted 2019-09-17

My battleline consists of three cards: Lollop the Titanic, Knoxx, and Mushroom Man. Lollop has 11 power, Knoxx has 2 neighbors, and thus has 9 power, and I have no keys forged, so Mushroom Man has 8 power. Can I choose Brobnar and play Might Makes Right to sacrifice these three creatures with a total of 28 power to forge a key for free, or will the power levels change as I start sacrificing creatures?Arcana Advises: When using Might Makes Right, you select all of the creatures to be sacrificed, and tag them for destruction. The rules for Leaves Play state that if cards leave play while resolving an ability, the instructions later in that ability refer to the cards as they left play. So if the total power of the sacrificed creatures was 25 or more immediately before leaving play (and are successfully sacrificed), you will forge a key.

My battleline consists of four cards: Bad Penny, Gub, Lollop the Titanic, and King of the Crag. Bad Penny has 1 power, Gub is not on a flank and so has 6 power, Lollop has 11 power,and King of the Crag has 7 for a total of 25 power. If I choose Brobnar and play Might Makes Right to sacrifice all four creatures, the Destroyed: ability on Bad Penny will send it to hand, leaving Gub on a flank meaning he has a power of 1. Does Might Make Right still result in forging a key at no cost?Arcana Advises: Yes. When you initially selected the creatures the total power was 25 or greater when they were tagged for destruction. Even though Bad Penny ends up in your hand, it still counts as successfully sacrificed and you will forge a key at no cost.

Submitted 2019-09-25

In a Best of 3 tournament, my opponent and I have each won one game. Time is called as we are setting up for Game 3. How is the winner of the round determined?

Submitted 2019-10-17

If I play Wild Wormhole, and the card that I draw and play is Library Access, do I get to draw a card for playing Wild Wormhole, since I am still in the window of resolving Wild Wormhole's Play: ability?

Submitted 2020-01-06

In a KeyForge chainbound event, if you go to time and are resolving things for step 1, can you use Æmber on creatures like Senator Shrix (or other creatures with Senator Bracchus) to forge a key, or does all of the Æmber have to come from your pool?Arcana Advises: All Æmber must come from player pools. Note that the Tiebreakers take place in a "post-game" phase, so the game is over, the tiebreakers are used to determine who receives the win in the tournament.

Submitted 2020-02-21

I have Gebuk in my battleline. On my opponent's turn, Gebuk is destroyed. Gebuk's Destroyed: ability is resolved and I discard Spartasaur, a creature. Are "After Gebuk Leaves Play" and "After a friendly Creature is destroyed" in the same window of the Timing Chart? If so, does Spartasaur's ability resolve when Gebuk leaves play or can the Active player order it so that Spartasaur's ability will not resolve?

Submitted 2020-03-31

In my battleline I have no creatures. My opponent has First Officer Frane in their battleline. If I play Favor of Rex and target First Officer Frane, can I capture an Æmber from my opponent and put it on First Officer Frane? Does Favor of Rex's "as if you had played it" effect make First Officer Frane friendly for the purpose of resolving the effect (like it does with "as if you controlled it" in Nexus and Shard of Greed) or must I capture to a creature in my battleline?

Submitted 2020-07-16

In my play area, I have Animator and Fangtooth Cavern. If I use Animator to treat Fangtooth Cavern as a creature belonging to the active house, can the lasting effect of Animator's ability expire before resolving Fangtooth Cavern's "At the end of your turn" ability, or does Animator refer to the end of turn timing point?

Submitted 2020-12-15

My opponent has Auto-Legionary that is a creature in their battleline. I play Cyber-Clone and target Auto-Legionary to purge.

Does Cyber-Clone look to gain the power after the Auto-Legionary is purged (meaning Cyber-Clone would be a power 0 creature, since Auto-Legionary is no longer a creature) or does Cyber-Clone look at Auto-Legionary just before it leaves play?

Submitted 2020-12-17

If I play Phase Shift and then Wild Wormhole and Wild Wormhole plays a non-Logos card, does that end Phase Shift's Play: ability or can I still play a non-Logos card from my hand this turn?

When does Grommid's "You cannot play creatures." Constant ability resolve? It looks like it is a play restriction, but is it active while in my hand?

Submitted 2021-01-03

In my battleline, I have Gebuk.  My opponent had a Harbinger of Doom in their battleline, and played Skullion, choosing to sacrifice Harbinger of Doom. 

Harbinger of Doom's Destroyed: ability resolves and tags all creatures for destruction. This causes Gebuk to be destroyed, and its Destroyed: ability resolves, playing Teliga.

The question is: Is Teliga played at a point where its ability can resolve? It would seem there are two possible interpretations:

  1. Teliga is played while resolving the Play: ability of Skullion,, which would mean it is "online" within the "after play" window of Skullion, so the FAQ for Spectral Tunneler and Nexus says Teliga should resolve. 
  2. Teliga was not in play when Skullion was played, so therefore can't resolve, similar to the FAQ entry for Tolas and Overlord Greking

Submitted 2021-01-09

When resolving the ability of Reverse Time, which of the following happens?
  • The deck flips over to become the discard pile, the order of cards is not changed (The bottom card of the deck becomes the top card of the discard pile).
  • The top card of the deck becomes the top card of the discard pile, the second card of the deck becomes the second card of the discard pile, etc.
  • The active player decides the order of the discard pile.

Submitted 2021-01-10

I have Po’s Pixies in my battleline. On my opponent's turn, they steal Æmber (which is sourced from the common pool due to the ability of Po's Pixies). On my turn, I play Information Exchange. Do I steal 2 Æmber (similar to the FAQ entry for Po's Pixies and Nerve Blast) or do I steal 1 Æmber because Information Exchange's ability says the Æmber is stolen "from you"?

Submitted 2021-01-15

I have Duskwitch in my battleline. I play Scowly Caper into my opponent's battleline.  Does Scowly Caper enter play ready?

Submitted 2021-01-26

On my turn, I play Wild Wormhole, and in resolving its Play: ability play Encounter Suit, attaching it to a creature in my battleline. Can Encounter Suit's ability resolve and ward the creature (based on the fact that it is in play for the "after an action card (Wild Wormhole) is played" window) or can the creature not be warded, because I've already resolved the action card's Play: ability to play Encounter Suit?

Submitted 2021-02-09

If the Active Player plays Hunter or Hunted? and there are no creatures that are currently warded, does the resolution of the Play: ability mean they have to ward a creature?

Submitted 2021-04-26

If I play Reap or Sow on High Priest Torvus, and resolve High Priest Torvus’ Reap: ability and exalt it, does this cause Reap or Sow to come back to my hand (as it will be the next action card that would go to the discard pile) or would the lasting effect from the reap ability apply to the following action card played?

Submitted 2021-05-16

On a previous turn, I played Pour-tal, raised the tide and put it into my discard pile. On a subsequent turn, I call Logos and play Think Twice, choosing Pour-tal. Because the tide is already high, Pour-tal goes into my archives.

The question is, does the purge from Think Twice's ability still resolve and purge Pour-tal out of my archives?

In my battleline I have a creature that has been upgraded with Siren Horn and has an Æmber on it. My opponent has Boss Zarek and another creature in their battleline.

I use my upgraded creature to fight my opponent’s non-elusive creature. I resolve the Before Fight: ability granted by Siren Horn and move the Æmber to my opponent's creature. Does the creature gain Elusive from Boss Zarek’s ability in time for it to prevent the damage of the fight?

On my turn, I use the Action: ability of Ritual of Life, and sacrifice a friendly Deepwater Gruen. I have another copy of Deepwater Gruen in my discard pile already, can I resolve the ability of Ritual of Life to bring it back to my hand, or does the “different creature” of Ritual of Life’s ability mean it has to be a creature with a different title? When resolving Ol’ Paddy’s Reap: ability when the tide is high, does the order of the cards get maintained throughout? In other words, can I arrange the cards from the bottom of my deck as they are sent to the discard pile before I play them one at a time, or do I discard a card, play it, discard a second card, play it, discard a third card, play it?

Submitted 2021-06-02

In my opponent’s battleline, they have 5 creatures total; 3 creatures in the middle with Com. Officer Hings and Com. Officer Gross on the flanks. In my battleline, I have Replicator. If I reap with Replicator and resolve Com Officer Hings’ Reap: ability, do I draw 3 cards, or does Replicator’s ability do nothing because Com. Officer Gross is not in my battleline?

Can I raise the Tide point at any point during my turn? If so, can I raise it at the start of my turn as a “start of turn effect”? Can I choose to raise the Tide, knowing the effect will fail, and still gain 3 chains, or if the tide is High, can I not raise the tide at all? In my battleline, I have Lord Invidius in play, and it’s been upgraded with Walls’ Blaster. On my turn, I reap with Lord Invidius, giving me two Reap: abilities to resolve: Deal 2 damage to a creature from the Blaster, and take control of an opponent’s creature from Lord Invidius. I choose to resolve Lord Invidius first, and take control of a 2 power creature from my opponent. This moves Lord Invidius out of the center of the battleline (causing it to lose its gained Reap: ability). I deal 2 damage to the 2 power creature next to Lord Invidius, destroying it and shifting Lord Invidius back to the center of the battleline, where it gains the Reap: ability again. When the Reap: ability comes back, is it the SAME Reap: ability that was already resolved, or is it a new instance of the Reap: ability, meaning I could resolve it to take control of another creature from my opponent?

On a previous turn, I played Pour-tal, raised the tide and put it into my discard pile. On a subsequent turn, I call Logos and play Think Twice, choosing Pour-tal. Because the tide is already high, Pour-tal goes into my archives. Does the purge from Think Twice still resolve and purge Pour-tal out of my archives? Think Twice applies only to Action cards (which are never “in play”) so does the restriction from Leaves Play still apply, meaning Pour-tal would still get purged?

If I play Reap or Sow on High Priest Torvus, and resolve High Priest Torvus’ Reap: ability and exalt it, does this cause Reap or Sow to come back to my hand (as it will be the next action card that would go to the discard pile) or would the lasting effect from the reap ability apply to the following action card played?

Submitted 2021-06-07

In my battleline, I have Sci. Officer Morpheus. I choose Sanctum and play Charge!, If I play a card with a play effect like Almsmaster, which of the following are valid ways to resolve the play effects?
  1. Resolve Charge!, Resolve Charge! (From Sci. Officer Morpheus), Resolve Almsmaster
  2. Resolve Charge!, Resolve Almsmaster, Resolve Charge! (From Sci. Officer Morpheus)
  3. Resolve Charge! Resolve Almsmaster, Resolve Almsmaster (From Sci. Officer Morpheus)

Submitted 2021-06-08

In my battleline I have a creature with 2 Æmber on it. My opponent has Magda the Rat in their battleline. Neither of us has any Æmber in our pools.

If I play a boardwipe, does the Æmber on my creature go to the opponent’s pool before the lasting effect of Madga the Rat that allows me to steal 2 Æmber resolve, or is the timing of the Æmber return in the same window with Magda the Rat’s resolution, allowing the active player to order these effects?

Submitted 2021-09-20

What happens if a legacy Mimicry has been enhanced? If I play Mimicry and use it to copy a card out of my opponent’s discard pile that has a bonus icon, which bonus icons resolve?
  • Only those from Mimicry
  • Only those from the copied card OR
  • Resolve the bonus icon from Mimicry and the copied card.