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Deusillus, an example of a Gigantic creature

Gigantic creatures are spread out over 2 cards, with one card containing the creature’s text box and the other its art. In order to play a gigantic creature, a player must have both halves of the creature in hand, and play those cards together as a single creature. The top half of a gigantic creature has the text “1 of 2” next to its name, while its corresponding bottom half shares the same name and has the text “2 of 2” next to its rarity icon.

A gigantic creature counts as 2 cards while out of play, but as a single creature card while in play. Playing a gigantic creature only counts as playing 1 card, and therefore it is allowed on the first turn. After a gigantic creature leaves play, the 2 halves are treated as separate cards again.

Both halves of a gigantic creature have the same name, house, and card type. Otherwise, each half has the attributes printed on it: the top half has bonus icons, while the bottom half has power, armor, and the text box.

If a card instructing you to play or put into play a creature chooses one half of a gigantic creature, that effect fails. If a card instructs you to play or put into play both halves of a gigantic creature, the gigantic creature is played or put into play.

Example: Bella plays Wild Wormhole, allowing her to play the top card of her deck. She looks at the top card and sees that it is the top half of Ultra Gravitron. She cannot play that card from the top of her deck (even if she has the other half of Ultra Gravitron in her hand), so the card is returned to the top of her deck.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.3 March 2024

Outstanding Issues

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There is an outstanding issue concerning Gigantic.
  • Arcana Advises: A card that will allow you to play a single creature from an out-of-play zone such as Lateral Shift, Helper Bot, or Subject Kirby will successfully play a Gigantic creature if both halves of the Gigantic creature are within that zone. However, Exhume's ability is targeting a single card in the discard pile and would therefore fail.

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