Shadow of Dis

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Artist: Fábio Perez
Card Text Play: Until your next turn, enemy creatures’ text boxes are considered blank (except for traits).


Type Action
House Dis
Rarity Rare
Sets AoA(103)


My opponent plays Shadow of Dis (AoA 103), forcing me to treat my creatures’ text boxes as if they were blank until their next turn. I play Silvertooth (CoTA 311). Does Silvertooth enter play ready?

Yes. Shadow of Dis only affects creatures while they are in play. Silvertooth’s ability modifies how it enters play, so it is in effect before the Shadow of Dis effect applies to it.

My opponent plays Shadow of Dis (AoA 103). I have two copies of Glimmer (AoA 323) in my hand. May I play them both?

No. Alpha is a play restriction that is active while in your hand before playing the card. After you have played a card in a step, you may not play an Alpha card even if its text box will be considered blank once it is in play.

My opponent plays Shadow of Dis (AoA 103). I have a Duskwitch (AoA 320) in my hand. May I play Duskwitch, then play other cards afterwards?

Yes, you can continue to play, use, and discard cards after playing Duskwitch. Omega is an effect that occurs after a card is played. By that point, Duskwitch is in play and under the effect of Shadow of Dis, meaning it no longer has the Omega ability in play.

Unofficial FAQ

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My opponent played Shadow of Dis on their last turn. I have a Bad Penny that has been upgraded with Duskrunner. If I reap with Bad Penny, do I get to use the additional Reap: ability provided by Dusk Runner?

Shadow of Dis does not blank text on upgrades, and so will not affect upgrades like Collar of Subordination or Containment Field. If the upgrade reads “This creature gets” or “this creature gains”, however, that text technically gets applied to the creature itself, and therefore that text WILL be blanked by Shadow of Dis. So in the case of Duskrunner, you do not steal when you use that creature to reap.