Magda the Rat

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Magda the Rat
Magda the Rat • Shadows • Creature • Uncommon • Elusive.

Play: Steal 2 Aember icon. If Magda the Rat leaves play, your opponent steals 2 Aember icon. • Artist: Sasha Tudvaseva • Card Number: CotA:303

Magda the Rat
CotA 303


Magda the Rat's Play: ability resolves and creates a Lasting Effect. The controller of Magda steals 2 Æmber, and then whenever and however Magda leaves play, the opponent would steal 2 Æmber.

If Magda is put into play instead of played, the play ability doesn't resolve, no Æmber will be stolen, no lasting effect is created, and no Æmber will then be stolen when Magda leaves play.

Further, if Magda the Rat is played under a Shadow of Dis, the Play effect doesn't resolve, so the leaves play effect will also not resolve.

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