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This section contains the official errata that have been made to individual cards in KeyForge. Errata overrides the printed information on the card it applies to.


Should read: Action: Put Auto-Legionary on a flank of your battleline. While in the battleline, it is considered a creature with 5 power and may be used as if it belonged to the active house.

Bait and Switch

Should read: Play: If your opponent has more Aember icon than you, steal 1 Aember icon. Repeat the preceding effect if your opponent still has more Aember icon than you.

Biomatrix Backup

Should read: This creature gains, ”Destroyed: Put this creature into its owner’s archives.”

Custom Virus

Should read: Omni: Destroy Custom Virus. You may purge a creature from your hand. If you do, destroy each creature that shares a trait with the purged creature."


Should read: Play/Fight/Reap: Return another friendly Giant creature to your hand.

Experimental Therapy

Should read: This creature may be used as if it belonged to the active house.

Play: Stun and exhaust this creature.

Incubation Chamber

Should read: Omni: You may reveal a Mars creature from your hand. If you do, archive it.


Should read: When your opponent would forge a key on their turn, that player names a house. Reveal a random card from your hand. If that card is not of the named house, destroy Keyforgery and they do not forge that key (no Aember icon is spent).

Library Access

Should read: Play: For the remainder of the turn, each time you play another card, draw a card. Purge Library Access.

Life for a Life

Should read: Play: Sacrifice a creature. If you do, deal 6 Damage icon to a creature.

Magda the Rat

Should read: Elusive.

Play: Steal 2 Aember icon. If Magda the Rat leaves play, your opponent steals 2 Aember icon.

Pain Reaction

Should read: Play: Deal 2Damage icon to an enemy creature. If this damage destroys that creature, deal 2Damage icon to each of that creature’s neighbors after it leaves play.

Tendrils of Pain

Should read: Play: Deal 1Damage icon to each creature. Deal 4Damage icon instead if your opponent forged a key on their previous turn.

Yzphyz Knowdrone

Should read: Play: Archive a card. You may purge an archived card. If you do, stun a creature.
Official rules v1.8 March 2021