Token Creatures

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Some KeyForge decks include a token creature reference card. Such decks have the ability to make token creatures through card abilities.

When a card ability instructs you to make a token creature, take the top card of your deck and put it into play, facedown, as an exhausted creature on a flank of your battleline. This facedown card is considered to be a copy of the creature described on your token creature reference card.

Token creatures can be used just like creatures and count as creatures for the purposes of card abilities. You may look at the reverse side of token creatures you control. You cannot look at the reverse side of token creatures your opponent controls.

When a token creature leaves play, it reverts to its printed card type after it is moved to the appropriate out-of-play zone. If a player takes control of their opponent’s token creature, it remains a token creature with the same name as when it was made; it does not change to the token creature of its new controller.

If you take control of an opponent’s card that makes token creatures, but your deck does not include a token creature reference card, the “make a token creature” effect does nothing. Likewise, if you take control of an opponent‘s card that refers to a specifically named token creature, and your deck does not contain that named token creature reference card, any ability that refers to named token creature does not resolve.

Example: You play “Borrow” to take control of your opponent's Blorb Hive, which reads ”Omni: Destroy a friendly creature. If you do, make 2 Blorbs. Then, if you control 10 or more Blorbs, destroy Blorb Hive and forge a key at no cost.” Your deck does not contain a token creature reference card, so when you use Blorb Hive's Omni ability, it destroys a friendly creature, but it cannot make 2 Blorbs.