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Prime Championships
November 2019 – March 2020
Once a year
No set restrictions

Prime Championships, akin to Regional Championships, are competitive tier events hosted yearly. The winner of each Prime Championship gets an invitation to the following World Championship, and additional prizes are awarded to top performing players at each event.

Decks that reach top 8 at each event will advance to power level 2, and both the winning deck and the runner-up will advance to power level 4.

The following Æmbershards are distributed to players based on performance, as long as there are at least 16 players present:

Round Æmbershards Power Level
Participation 10
Per win in Swiss 5
Top 8 20 2
Top 4 30
Finalist 4
Winner 75

2019-2020 Prime Championships

Grim Reaper playmat and anomaly deck box

Prime Championships for the season beginning in 2019 are between November 2, 2019 - March 28, 2020.


Acceptable formats for the first season of Prime Championships are Archon Solo, Archon Adaptive, Sealed Solo, and Sealed Triad.


For the first year, there are a total of 88 United States prime championships and 50 located in other countries, including Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. A full list of dates and locations can be found on this page. For some countries outside the United States, this list may be incomplete.


Nizak, The Forgotten playmat and a Worlds invitation

The following prizes are awarded to top ranking players:

Top 16: Blue acrylic stun tokens, small cardboard deck box with images of anomalies in Worlds Collide
Top 8: The Grim Reaper playmat
Top 4: A large deck box featuring images of Nizak, The Forgotten and The Red Baron
Top 2: Small set of exclusive Prime Championship metal keys
Winner: Nizak, The Forgotten playmat; an invitation to Worlds in the shape of a Dominator Bauble

A full description of prizes can be found on A Chance of Cataclysms.

2020-2021 Prime Championships


Art sleeves for the 2020 Prime Championships

One of the prizes for the second season of Prime Championships will be card sleeves featuring KeyForge artwork from a future set. This was announced on Episode 14 of the Crucible Cast.

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