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KeyForge card rarity varies based on card type and set. Unfortunately, the exact frequencies of each card type are unknown due to the secretive nature of the deck building algorithm. However, some rarity estimates have been made by evaluating large sample sizes of decks from each set.

Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Specials

Based on a sample size of 100,000 decks from each set, the following numbers are estimates for the likelihood of a single card being a specific card type:[1]

Card Rarity (CotA)
  • Commons (66.2%)
  • Uncommons (24.2%)
  • Rares (9.3%)
  • Specials (0.3%)
Percentage of Cards by Type
Call of the Archons 66.2%24.2%9.3%0.3%
Age of Ascension 65.6%24.0%9.7%0.6%
Worlds Collide 64.3%23.9%9.5%2.3%
Mass Mutation 61.4%24.1%9.1%5.5%
Dark Tidings 63.86%23.87%9.4%1.24%

For example, the average Call of the Archons deck contains 24 Commons, 9 Uncommons, and 3 Rares. Most decks from Call of the Archons do not contain any Specials[2]. However, the likelihood of having a Special card in a deck has increased with each set.

Legacies, Mavericks, and Anomalies

A maverick Kelifi Dragon from Call of the Archons
A maverick Kelifi Dragon from CotA

Each set has different rates of legacies, mavericks, legacy mavericks, and anomalies occurring. The following numbers are estimates based on a large sample size of each set.[1] Actual rates of each card type frequency may fluctuate over time.

Percentage of Decks Containing Each Type
Call of the Archons n/a 4.1% n/a n/a
Age of Ascension 8.4% 4.1% 0.0092% n/a
Worlds Collide 6.0% 3.9% 0.0084% 3.5%
Mass Mutation 7.6% 6.3% 0.012% n/a
Dark Tidings 6.7% 3.8% 0.0114% n/a

Decks printed in certain languages have the following restrictions:

Thai decks from Age of Ascension do not contain legacy cards. Later sets only contain legacies from AoA or later.
Russian decks from Worlds Collide do not contain legacy cards. Later sets only contain legacies from WC or later.
Korean decks from Mass Mutation do not contain legacy cards. Later sets will only contain legacies from MM or later.

Combination Rarity

One of the most common questions for players is "How often will a certain combo appear in a deck?" The chart below is based on analyzing 100,000 decks and refers to the rarity of the specific cards. Not included due to varying occurrence in decks are legacies, mavericks, and specials.

Combination Rarity Based on Card Rarity
Common Uncommon Rare
Common 8.86% 4.01% 2.25%
Uncommon 4.01% 1.87% 0.99%
Rarity 2.25% 0.99% 0.47%
  1. 1.0 1.1 Calculations pulled from SkyJedi
  2. 2.0 2.1 The category Special includes all cards of the following types: Fixed, Variant, Anomaly, and Special.

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