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Explo-rover • Star Alliance • Creature • Common • Skirmish. (When you use this creature to fight, it is dealt no damage in return.)

Explo-rover may be played as an upgrade instead of a creature, with the text: “This creature gains skirmish.” • Artist: Colin Searle • Card Number: WC (297), MM (307)

WC 297
MM 307
Artist: Colin Searle


Quixxle Stone creates a play restriction that does not allow creatures to be played. According to the Shadow of Dis FAQ, card abilities can modify how the card itself enters play (Silvertooth's ability, for example, modifies how it enters play). Therefore, a creature with an ability that is a replacement effect that allows it to enter play as a different card type (such as Explo-rover or CALV-1N, which can be played as upgrades) can be played as that card type, even while Quixxle Stone is in play.

Outstanding Issues

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There is an outstanding issue concerning Explo-rover.
  • Arcana Advises: Yes in both cases. Explo-Rover's ability acts as a replacement effect for how the card can be played. During a turn where Star Alliance is the active house, Explo-Rover can be played as an upgrade to get around play restrictions such as Lifeward. Explo-Rover's ability can also resolve for the purpose of resolving Matter Maker's ability, allowing it to be played as an upgrade as if it belonged to the active house.

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