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Keys, Tokens, and Chain Trackers

Official Products

Official starter set tokens
Official starter set tokens

A full set of official KeyForge tokens can be purchased through the Worlds Collide starter set. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to obtain a full set of tokens for the game, as the Worlds Collide starter set has enough tokens for two players. Another cost-effective option is to purchase a Worlds Collide Deluxe Archon Deck. The deluxe archon deck comes with a unique KeyForge deck and enough tokens for a single player. Earlier starter sets from Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension do not contain ward and enrage tokens, so they are not the best choice for obtaining a full set of tokens for the game.

Many KeyForge Organized Play events give official tokens, keys, and chain trackers as prizes. Some official products are also redeemable through Æmber shards at Vault Tour prize walls. Here are a few of the official legal products that have been available as prizes or redeemable through Æmbershards:

Gamegenic also offers an official chain tracker in the shape of a dial. These can be purchased online through the Asmodee website or at your local game store.

Currently, there are no official tokens available for the counters on several cards, such as the following:

Having at least one generic looking token for the purposes of tracking these counters is recommended. Beads or tokens from another board game work well for these counters as long as they are clearly distinguishable from other KeyForge tokens. There are several third party tokens available to meet these needs.

There is also no official way to track the rule of six. Many players use a six-sided die to track the rule of six during casual games. Legal methods of tracking the rule of six include using damage tokens or Æmber.

Third Party Products

There are a number of unofficial, fanmade tokens for the game. Please note that third party tokens are permitted for KeyForge organized play as long as they meet a number of requirements and approval from your tournament organizer.

Here is a selected list of popular third party tokens at a range of different price points:

Burger Tokens $
DayDreamGaming $
Strategic Dino $$
Team Covenant $$
Aurbits $$$
BuyTheSameToken $$$
Luxury Playstyle $$$$

This is not a comprehensive list. You can find many more options online by searching "KeyForge" on Etsy.

Deck Boxes for Events

Official Products

Gamegenic Deck Vault with a custom insert
Gamegenic Deck Vault with a custom insert

Fantasy Flight Games produced a number of official deck boxes for KeyForge, most of which were available through the Gamegenic brand. The Gamegenic Deck Vault is a popular deck box option, as it is designed to perfectly hold 3 sleeved KeyForge decks and has a compartment for keys and other miscellaneous tokens. Each slot is designed to snugly hold one KeyForge deck. It is a great option for formats that require more than one deck, such as archon triad or survival. Gamegenic also makes a product called the Deck Book, which holds exactly one deck and has a front pocket to display the houses on your archon card. The Deck Book is ideal for single deck formats such as archon solo. Both the Deck Vault and the Deck Book are two of the higher end deck boxes available on the market. The Gamegenic Aries Deck Box, on the other hand, is made out of plastic and is a more budget friendly item. It comes with a set of house stickers so that you can indicate the house composition of each deck on the outside of the box. There have also been a number of official KeyForge deck boxes available through the Vault Tour prize wall.

Third Party Products

Several other third party brands make deck boxes that are suitable for KeyForge decks, although none of the major third party items are perfectly sized for the game. The Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray 100 and the Twin Flip'n'Tray 200 hold 2 and 4 KeyForge decks each, respectively, along with a number of tokens and keys. The Ultra Pro Satin Tower holds 2 KeyForge decks and several tokens, making it a good affordable option. The Quiver Card Case is a high quality, portable carrying solution that comes with a shoulder strap and can hold smaller deck boxes such as Ultra Pro Satin Towers or the Gamegenic Aries Deck Boxes inside.

There are several budget friendly, creative solutions for KeyForge deck storage. Several players use tool boxes from Harbor Freight as portable deck boxes. Both the smaller size and the larger size fit KeyForge decks and tokens comfortably and come at a great price point. The larger version can even hold a playmat. The Super Stacker Crayon Box is available at craft stores and Walmart for about a US dollar and fits one sleeved KeyForge deck. While it is not extremely durable, the price is hard to beat.

Token Boxes

Tokens stored in a plastic bead box
Tokens stored in a plastic bead box

There are no official products for token storage at this time. Most players find creative solutions for their token storage.

Here are some common boxes that players use:

  • Bead boxes, available at craft stores or online
  • Tackle boxes, available at the fishing section of big box stores or by the Plano Brand
  • Pill boxes

Many popular deck box brands, such as Gamegenic and Ultimate Guard, have small compartments for tokens and keys. These compartments are often too small to hold all the tokens for this game, but several players have gotten creative and made custom inserts using 3D printers. There are also entire all-in-one token and deck boxes that you can either 3D print yourself or through third party websites.

Long-Term Deck Storage

A KeyForge collection stored in Burger Token boxes with custom inserts
A collection stored in Burger Token boxes with custom inserts

There are several reusable products that you can use to store your opened decks. Ultra Pro team bags are an extremely cost-effective way to store unsleeved KeyForge decks. Burger Token deck boxes have both sleeved and unsleeved options. They are more expensive than Ultra Pro team bags, but they are reusable and designed specifically for KeyForge deck storage.

For storage boxes, there are a wide range of options. The KeyForge Premium Box is an official Fantasy Flight product that comes with a tuck box that can store five sleeved decks. BCW cardboard boxes come in a wide range of sizes and are an affordable solution to storing sleeved or unsleeved KeyForge decks. They work well with the Burger Token deck boxes and are very durable.

There are several higher end options for storing KeyForge decks. Both the Ultimate Guard Arkhive and SuperHive fit KeyForge decks comfortably. The Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest is a similarly priced option that holds a large number of KeyForge decks and is compatible with Burger Token deck boxes.


Official Products

Players are required to use unmarked, opaque sleeves for KeyForge organized play. Fantasy Flight offered official sleeves through the Fantasy Flight brand or through the Gamegenic brand. The Gamegenic sleeves are perfectly sized for KeyForge cards, while the Fantasy Flight brand sleeves are standard sized for multiple card games. Gamegenic sleeves come in both printed and solid colored versions, both of which are optimized for KeyForge cards. They also have inner sleeves that are perfectly sized for KeyForge for those wishing to double sleeve their decks. As KeyForge decks are not replaceable, double sleeving is a great way to protect a deck that you feel is valuable.

Official KeyForge art sleeves are also available at Vault Tour prize walls and as prizes for high level events.

Third Party Products

Most major third party brands make card sleeves that are compatible with this game. KeyForge cards generally fit standard sized card sleeves, although they are a bit taller than most cards from other games like Magic TCG. Note that not all of these brands are a perfect fit for KeyForge cards, but they are a good enough fit for most players' needs. Some of the lighter colored versions of these card sleeves may not be fully opaque, so it is best to choose a darker color when single sleeving or use an opaque inner sleeve if using a light colored outer sleeve.

Any of the following sleeves work well for KeyForge in their opaque colors:

Dragon Shield
KMC Hyper Mattes
Ultimate Guard Katanas
Ultra Pro

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