Store Championships

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Store Championships
Fall 2020 - present
Twice a year
Current Formats:
Power Levels Awarded:
Winner: Power level 3
Finalist: Power level 2
No set restrictions
No power level restrictions

Game stores are allowed to host store championships twice a year. Even though store championships are officially a casual tier event, they are a chance for players from a local area to play for better prizes than a normal weekly chainbound event. Currently, there are no power level restrictions on decks that can be used in store championships.

Players who reach top 8 at a store championship will see their decks reach power level 1. The finalist's deck will be awarded power level 2, and the winning deck will rise to power level 3.

The following Æmbershards are distributed to players based on performance for all formats and variants outside of Survival:

Round Æmbershards Power Level
Participation 5  
Per win in Swiss 3  
Top 8 10 1
Top 4 20  
Finalist 25 2
Winner 40 3

If there are over 76 players, the top 16 players will also receive a bonus of 5 Æmbershards.

For Store Championships using the Survival variant, the following Æmbershards will be distributed to players:

Round Æmbershards Power Level
Participation 5  
Per game played 2  
1 win 2
2 wins 5  
3 wins 8  
4 wins 8  
5+ wins 12  
Finalist 25 2
Winner 40 3

Fall 2019 Store Championships

Bingle Bangbang prizes for 2019

Store Championships for the fall 2019 season featured artwork from the card Bingle Bangbang.


Acceptable formats for the first season of Store Championships were archon solo, archon reversal, sealed solo, and sealed 2 deck survival.


The following prizes are awarded to top ranking players:

Top 32: Bingle Bangbang chain tracker
Top 8: Bingle Bangbang deck box
Top 4: Acrylic power tokens, Bingle Bangbang playmat
Winner: Bingle Bangbang art sleeves

A full description of prizes can be found on The Spoils of Strength.

Spring 2020 Store Championships

Store Championships in Spring 2020 offer prizes featuring art from the card Crash Muldoon.


Acceptable formats and variants for the spring season of Store Championships in 2020 are Archon Solo, Archon Reversal, Sealed Solo, and Sealed 2-Deck Survival. These are the same options as the formats in fall 2019.


The following prizes are distributed to top performing players based on ranking:

  • Top 32: a chain tracker dial featuring Crash Muldoon
  • Top 16: a deck box featuring Crash Muldoon and Captain Val Jericho
  • Top 4: acrylic, yellow stun tokens and a Crash Muldoon playmat indicating final placement
  • Winner: a metal shield token

Fall 2020 Store Championships


Sanctum art sleeves

One of the prizes for Store Championships in 2020 will be Sanctum card sleeves featuring KeyForge artwork from a future set. This was announced on Episode 14 of the Crucible Cast.

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