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Kangaphant • Untamed • Creature • Uncommon • Each creature gains, “After Reap: Destroy this creature.” • Artist: Tomek Larek • Card Number: WC:376, DT:406, GR:360
Each creature gains, “After Reap: Destroy this creature.”
WC 376
DT 406
GR 360
Artist: Tomek Larek


While Kangaphant is in play, each creature (including Kangaphant itself!) gains an additional Reap: ability.

When a creature reaps, all reap abilities the creature has must resolve, but they all resolve within the same window of the Timing Chart, after the Active player has gained 1 Æmber. Since multiple abilities can be resolved, the Active player chooses the order in which they resolve.

As the abilities are resolving, if an object that grants an ability Leaves Play, it will no longer grant the ability. (Abilities are only active as long as they are in play.)

If an ability states an effect is applied to "each creature", the effect is resolved for both Friendly and Enemy creatures.

Source: Rulebook