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To Do


  • Get Clarifications from FFG for Outstanding Issues
  • Update Unofficial FAQ as FFG responds
  • Update Organized Play events and update results as available

New Release Items

(Do these everytime there is a new release)

  1. Load Cards
  2. Link Artists
  3. Load Rulebooks
  4. Update Sets
  5. Update New Player Guide



  • Load Rulebooks and relevant changes up to 1.4
  • Load Category:FAQ
  • Load Category:CotA
  • Load Category:AoA
  • Load Category:WC
  • Categorize Category:Errata
  • Categorize items in the Category:FAQ
  • Categorize the Category:Glossary
  • Build out related pages
  • Categorize pages
    • All pages needing categories can be found here.
    • Card pages should be categorized in the order Type, House, Rarity, Set1, Set2 if needed: [[Category:Action]][[Category:Untamed]][[Category:Common]][[Category:CotA]][[Category:AoA]]
    • With the implementation of CirrusSearch, it seems like multi-category search and dynamic pages lists might not be needed anymore, so I'm marking that off the list.
  • Add Traits to cards
  • Update rules for Set 3 upon release (expected November 5 2019)


  • Add Artist information to cards where it is missing, and create a link to it
  • Create Artist Pages, including a link to all pages that the artist made
  • Create category Artists to hold all the Artist pages
  • Interlink flavor text to relevant cards (even if not available, link it and make a placeholder)