Archon Arcana Road Map

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Future Projects

  • Set 5 Release Items
  • Re-do the deck registration / stats page.
  • Add chances of a specific card appearing in a deck to Card Rarity
  • Move Spoilers out of the main namespace.
  • Retool News and events if needed, especially section transcludes
  • Combine infrastructure to the Digital Ocean Team Account

In Discussion

  • Open up discussion pages
  • KeyForge Learning Series
    • Intro:Why Play KeyForge?
    • Part 1: New Player Guide
    • Part 2: Houses of KeyForge
    • Part 3: Sets of KeyForge
    • Part 4: Learning KeyForge: The Mechanics
    • Part 5: Next Steps

In Progress

  • Publish deck registration data by language
  • Expand Commentary
  • Lore
    • Preliminary content in the Lore: namespace.
    • Lore:Main Page is the hub for all Lore content
    • Once majority of Lore content is gleaned from the books and in the wiki, need to revisit Category:Unidentified and move that to the Lore: namespace
  • Translation/Localisation for Cards and Rules


  • Get Clarifications from FFG for Outstanding Issues
  • Update Databases as FFG responds.
  • Update Organized Play events and update results as available

Release Items

(Do these everytime there is a new release)

Spoiler Season

  1. Add Set Info once set is announced. Leave Set Number blank.
  2. Add Image and Card Data as cards are spoiled. Include link to source.
    1. If source is a community content creator, honor a 24 hour blackout period before spoiler is published.
    2. If the card is missing information (including an English image), add Incomplete.
    3. If the card is translated into English from another language, add Translated.

After Master Vault Updates

  1. Load Cards
    1. Mastervault crawl
    2. Add set shortening to card pages
    3. Upload big images
    4. Regenerate image thumbnails
    5. Add new traits,keywords, etc. and link them in card and flavor text
    6. Card gallery
      1. Add Set to Card Gallery and confirm it works
      2. Update selectable traits and keywords
    7. Update List of flavor text
    8. Update related cards, appears with, etc.
  2. Link Artists
  3. Load Rulebooks
  4. Update Sets and Houses
  5. Update New Player Guide
  6. Crawl card pages on older sets
    1. discover stealth errata
    2. add new links to new cards from flavor text

Once all of the above are complete, unlink Spoilers from the relevant data table (i.e. SpoilerData:DarkTidings)

Completed Items


  • Load Rulebooks and relevant changes up to 1.4
  • Load Category:FAQ
  • Load Category:CotA
  • Load Category:AoA
  • Load Category:WC
  • Categorize Category:Errata
  • Categorize items in the Category:FAQ
  • Categorize the Category:Glossary
  • Build out related pages
  • Categorize pages
    • All pages needing categories can be found here.
    • Card pages should be categorized in the order Type, House, Rarity, Set1, Set2 if needed: [[Category:Action]][[Category:Untamed]][[Category:Common]][[Category:CotA]][[Category:AoA]]
    • With the implementation of CirrusSearch, it seems like multi-category search and dynamic pages lists might not be needed anymore, so I'm marking that off the list.
  • Add Traits to cards
  • Update rules for Set 3 upon release (expected November 5 2019)


  • Add Artist information to cards where it is missing, and create a link to it
  • Create Artist Pages, including a link to all pages that the artist made
  • Create category Artists to hold all the Artist pages
  • Interlink flavor text to relevant cards (even if not available, link it and make a placeholder)
  • Load Rulebooks and relevant changes up to 1.5
  • Rework artist's pages
  • Rework Card view using Cargo DB data
  • Cargo DB Migration of Cards, Sets, Errata, Alt-Art, and FAQ and Rules Clarification
  • Redesign Main Page
  • Add Related Card Data
  • Open up Essay Space
  • Introduce Card Gallery for fast searching
  • Move to Timeless skin as default for both Desktop and Mobile


  • Implement Deck Search, allowing per-deck Errata, Rulings, and Commentary