Ronnie Wristclocks

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Artist: Harumi Namba
Card Text Play: Steal 1 Æmber. If your opponent has 7 Æmber or more, steal 2 Æmber instead.
Flavor Text “You look like an Archon with discriminating tastes.”


Type Creature
House Shadows
Traits Elf, Thief
Rarity Common
Sets AoA(276), WC(246)


I have a Ronnie Wristclocks (AoA 276) next to a Little Niff (AoA 289). I attack one of my opponent’s creatures with Ronnie Wristclocks, but he is destroyed during the fight. Does Little Niff’s ability still allow me to steal 1 Æmber?

Yes. Little Niff’s neighbor does not need to survive in order for Little Niff to steal the Æmber.