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The active player may use any ready creature they control of the active house to fight. To resolve a fight, the active player performs the following steps in order:

  1. Choose one friendly, ready creature and exhaust it. This is the attacking creature.
  2. Choose one eligible enemy creature to be fought. Taunt and other card abilities may affect this choice. The creature chosen to be fought is the “attacked creature.”
  3. Resolve any “Before Fight” effects, Assault X effects on the attacking creature, and any Hazardous X effects on the enemy creature. If any of these effects cause one or both creatures to be destroyed, the fight does not occur.
  4. Both creatures deal pending damage to each other equal to their power and are considered “fighting” for the purposes of card effects. If the attacking creature has Splash-attack X, it also resolves now. Note that elusive, Skirmish, and other card abilities may affect the resolution of this step.
  5. If the attacking creature survived the fight, all “After Fight:” abilities on the attacking creature resolve. If either creature in a fight has a constant ability referencing the end of the fight, the creature must survive the fight to resolve the ability.

If either creature in a fight is destroyed while resolving assault, hazardous, or “Before Fight:” abilities, then the fight (dealing damage based on power) is skipped. The creatures are not considered to have been in a fight for the purpose of card effects that reference “fighting” or “in a fight”, and “After Fight:” abilities will not resolve. Card effects that reference “after a creature fights” or “after a creature is used” will still resolve, as the creature was used to fight (even though the fight did not resolve).

A creature can only be used to fight if there are enemy creatures to be fought.

Note: As of version 16.0 of the KeyForge Master Rulebook, all cards that have abilities that begin with “Fight:” should be read as “After Fight:”.

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KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.3 March 2024