Chain Handicap

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Chain handicap is an optional rule that is not used in official KeyForge tournaments. Chain handicap should not be combined with chain bidding.

When two players of similar skill play a game using decks the players both agree are not equal in strength, chains may be used as means to handicap the stronger deck. Similarly, if two players of unequal skill are playing against each other using equally- strong decks (such as an experienced player teaching a new player), the more skilled player may start the game with some chains to make the game more fair. These starting chains affect the size of the player’s opening hand.

Start the stronger deck or the more experienced player with four chains. From then on, every time the chained deck or player wins two games in a row against the weaker deck, or less skilled player, adjust the number of chains up by one. If the chained deck or player loses two games in a row, adjust the number of chains down by one.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.3 March 2024