Chain bidding

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Chain bidding is an optional rule that is not used in official KeyForge tournaments. Chain bidding should not be combined with chain handicaps.

At the start of a new game, two players may opt to create a pool of decks available to both of them, then bid chains for the right to choose a particular deck from that pool to play. Chain bidding is best used when both players are reasonably familiar with all of the decks in the pool.

Randomly determine which player will make the first bid, then that player announces how many chains they are willing to take at the start of the game for the right to make the first deck choice from the pool. The opposing player can then make a counter-bid, which must be at least one chain more than the previous bid. Alternate the bidding until one player refuses to further increase the bid. The player who bid the highest amount chooses their deck first from the pool and begins the game with a number of chains equal to their winning bid. These starting chains affect the size of the player’s opening hand.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.3 March 2024