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Archon Arcana is a wiki, which means that anyone with an account can contribute. The website is entirely run by volunteers who dedicate their free time to improving its content. The Archon Arcana team can always use more volunteers to help expand the wiki and to better serve the KeyForge community.

Getting started

There are many ways to contribute to the KeyForge wiki: you can write new articles, expand upon existing articles, help with formatting and editing, and even simply upload new images and files.

In order to get started, you must first create an account on Archon Arcana. Currently, the wiki cannot be edited by anonymous accounts. Note: When you create an account, your confirmation email may be sent to your spam folder, so be sure to check there. In some rare cases, the email may be blocked by your email provider entirely. If you have any doubts about your account and its permissions, reach out to the Archon Arcana Discord.

Most of the wiki can be edited by new users, but a few important pages are protected. The main page, the card pages, and the rules pages can only be edited by administrators. The goal of the wiki is to be a reliable source of information, so all rulings are carefully considered before being added to a card page. The majority of rules discussions take place on the Archon Arcana Discord.

Above all, the wiki is a collaborative effort. Joining the Archon Arcana Discord allows you to work together with other members of the wiki team. The Discord is the easiest way to connect with other users and discuss new ideas.

List of potential topics

Are you interested in writing for the wiki but not quite sure where to start? Here is a list of potential topics and projects that we would like to eventually add to the wiki. Some are already in progress:

  • Individual pages for each of the KeyForge houses, with sections dedicated to each set
  • Page dedicated to ChainBounds
  • Common deck archetypes, with examples of decks that match each archetype
  • An extensive list of card combos, with separate pages for each set
  • Lore
  • KeyForge learning series:
    • Introduction: Why Play KeyForge?
    • Learning KeyForge: The Mechanics
    • Next Steps
  • List of common unofficial game terms and their definitions (e.g. tempo, scaling aember control, bounce, card advantage, etc.)
  • Card frequency information
  • Add KeyForge cube and draft variants to the Unofficial Variants page

We are also open to new ideas and would love for you to share yours with us on our Discord. The Archon Arcana Road Map is also available here.

Write an essay

Do you have an idea for an opinion-based KeyForge topic? Would you like to write a single one-off page or a short series in order to share a particular idea? Archon Arcana has a section dedicated to personal articles and opinion-based writing pieces. The Essay section of the wiki is a way for members of the KeyForge community to share an idea that may not fit in with the core parts of the Archon Arcana website. People from the KeyForge community have already written articles on topics such as strategy, events, and sets. To get started, view the instructions on How to write an Essay on Archon Arcana.