Using Artifacts

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The active player may use ready artifacts they control during their turn. When the active player uses an artifact, they exhaust the card and then resolve its abilities.

The active player can only resolve an “Action:” ability if it is on a card that belongs to the active house.

The active player can resolve an “Omni:” ability even if it is on a card that does not belong to the active house.

If an artifact has multiple “Action:” and/or “Omni:” abilities, only one of them can be resolved each time the artifact is used.

Some artifacts require that they be destroyed (or sacrificed) as part of the resolution of their ability. When an artifact is destroyed (or sacrificed), it is placed in its owner’s discard pile. The active player must still exhaust such an artifact when using it.

Artifacts cannot be used to reap or to fight.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.2 October 2023