Resolve Abilities in the Order Written

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While resolving the text of a card ability, fulfill the instructions of that ability in the order the text is written. This may be modified by replacement effects, including replacement effects which appear later in the ability that is being resolved.

Example: Hyde (WC 167) has the text: “After Reap: Draw a card. If you control Velum, draw 2 cards instead.” The later text applies a replacement effect for the earlier text, altering how it resolves.

However, all damage dealt by a card’s ability is dealt simultaneously regardless of where it appears in the ability’s text.

Example: Mighty Lance (COTA 221) has the text: “Play: Deal 3Damage icon to a creature and 3Damage icon to a neighbor of that creature.” That damage to both creatures is dealt simultaneously even though it appears twice in the ability’s text.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.3 March 2024