Impossible Decks

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Fantasy Flight Games produced 10 "Impossible Decks" in August 2020. Impossible Decks were designed to feature houses that had never appeared together before. The decks were made available as downloadable print-and-play files, and are not tournament legal.

Impossible Decks
Deck Name Houses
Æmbersmith of Tyrsville Sanctum Mars.pngSanctum.pngSaurian.png
Affluent "Gumshoe" Ricci Brobnar.pngStar Alliance.pngSanctum.png
Baivory, the Stalker of Plasma Mars.pngSaurian.pngBrobnar.png
Bigmark Coal-Wickner, Hoodlum Brobnar.pngSaurian.pngSanctum.png
Finally Smooth Simone Mars.pngSanctum.pngStar Alliance.png
Franz H. Greenform, Senior Mars.pngSaurian.pngStar Alliance.png
Hale, the Cutthroat of Ideas Mars.pngStar Alliance.pngShadows.png
Hershey, the Oak of Amalchasm Mars.pngSaurian.pngUntamed.png
Hodak the Bookish Mars.pngStar Alliance.pngLogos.png
Layton the Intently Hyperbolic Mars.pngSaurian.pngDis.png