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Effective July 25, 2019


In order for the competition inherent in a game to have meaning, the competitors must implicitly agree to play the game correctly, and to challenge one another and themselves within the confines and structures of that game. This document provides Judges of Fantasy Flight Games (“FFG”) Organized Play (“OP”) the appropriate procedures, guidelines, and penalties involved in properly handling rules and conduct violations that may occur at an FFG tournament. In addition, these guidelines explain the general philosophy behind several of FFG’s Organized Play policies. All of the points described in this document are intended to promote a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players at any given FFG event.

How to Use This Document

These procedure guidelines cover two broad categories: gameplay disruptions and event disruptions. Each category is covered in detail below.

It is the players’ duty that all steps and sequences in a game are observed and executed accurately, and that the experience is enjoyable for both parties involved. It is the Judges’ duty to determine the proper resolution to any issues that may occur over the course of an event, be they gameplay-related or related to the event itself. Making these judgment calls is one of the central skills of being a Judge. The ability to assess the details of a specific situation and make the ruling that best upholds both the letter and spirit of the rules is one of the most important reasons to have human Judges at events. If necessary, a Judge can refer to a Head Judge or the event Tournament Organizer for assistance.

This document empowers leaders of FFG Organized Play events to make these critical decisions. A spectrum of possible resolutions exists for each disruption that could occur, and these guidelines exist to help Judges and Head Judges determine which resolution best fits the situation at hand. When issuing a greater penalty than a Normal Warning (read this document further for details about different penalty types), the Head Judge and Tournament Organizer should both be aware of the penalty and approve it. If there is a dispute about a particular issued penalty, the final call is up to the Tournament Organizer based on their respective knowledge of the event and the disruption in question.

Any disputes, arguments, or other issues regarding a Disqualification or other penalty should be reported directly to FFG Organized Play at


1. Philosophy and General Guidelines
1.1 The Role of a Judge
1.2 Penalty Definitions
A. Warnings and Penalty Points
B. Game Loss and Match Loss
C. Disqualification
2. Gameplay Disruptions
2.1. What Defines a Gameplay Disruption
2.2. Missed Mandatory Abilities
2.3. Missed Game Steps
2.4. Illegal Game State
2.5. Repeated Gameplay Disruptions
3. Event Disruptions
3.1. What Defines an Event Disruption
3.2. Tardiness and Absences
3.3. Errors with Decks/Forces and Lists
3.4. Marked Cards
3.5. Drawing Extra Cards
3.6. Slow Play
3.7. Unsporting Conduct
A. Minor – Inappropriate Behavior
B. Major – Harassment
C. Bribery and Collusion
D. Stalling
E. Aggressive Behavior
F. Vandalism and Theft
G. Cheating
Appendix: Warning Guidelines

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