Essay:Martian Generosity

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Breakdown of MG deck types- The bare bones- By Richard Haeder

MG Rush

MG Rush decks are hard to come by, but if you get one they can win in just a matter of a few turns. With your whole deck in your hand, you can start to generate tons of aember and use a key cheat over and over again to win the game. chota hazri/natures call is my favorite, but key charge and others are just as good. Untamed and logos are your preferred other houses, but anything with a key cheat and aember generation works. For rush decks based around MG, you need either helper bot and director of ZYX, or proliferator and mars first, so you can replay MG to get the key cheat back.

MG Control

MG control decks are a bit easier to come by because of the card mars needs aember. If this card was not printed, they would not be as common. You can play mars needs aember every turn with ways to recur MG and slowly win the game. If you have a shatter storm and/or a resonator, you are perfect. These decks take a decent amount of time to finish a game, so they can get beat out by rush decks. The ideal houses are logos and shadows, but anything works with aember control. Of course, any MG deck usually gets wrecked by a single dysania, but not always.


MGKA is the best MG deck of all. The ability to forge 1 or more free keys in addition to the ones you already forged is insane. It is almost cheesy. Almost. In case you haven’t came across a MGKA deck yet, their goal is to draw their deck like any MG deck, but then forge 1 or more keys with key abduction.there isn’t really much to say about this, other than watch out for dysania and mind barbs if your deck revolves around the MGKA.

MG/Grump Buggy

One of the less popular MG deck types, we have grump buggy. Because you will have a decent hand size, if not your deck as a hand size, you can make keys really expensive with grump buggy. Grump buggy also helps to increase your keys, for a bigger MG. Since you need brobnar (usually) for this to be a deck, you can also have gangernaught. The flex is a decent card to generate aember for MG if you have things like lollop the titanic or groggins.

MG/Brain Stem Antenna

Brain stem antenna is a really good card in MG decks. You can MG into brain stem after you have drawn into your mars creatures, or you can use it before and after to get a bit extra aember. You usually want to brain stem on to something with a reap effect, like a harvester or a proliferator. Please, no skyboosters though. He would be sad as he lost his brain stem mid flight.


Double MG is almost unseen, but it is amazing. When you can play mg and a mars first or a bombardment or a hypnobeam, the mg and draw them back, you will be in great shape. It works really good with MG control as you can use mars needs aember more often. You also have more versatility as you will find MG more often.

Other MG Archetypes- More combos!

You can also have archetypes that are a combo of 2 or more on this list, or not on this list as i cant cover every deck with MG. Some examples are:

-MG/KA/Grump Buggy

-MG/Grump Buggy/Brain Stem

-MG/KA control

-And More!