Constant Abilities

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If a card has an ability that does not have a boldfaced precursor, the ability is a constant ability that is active so long as the card remains in play and meets all conditions specified by the ability.

A boldfaced precursor includes any word or phrase from the following list, as well as any combinations of such words or phrases. Abilities that begin with any of these words or phrases are not constant abilities:

  • Action:
  • After Fight:
  • After Reap:
  • Before Fight:
  • Destroyed:
  • Omni:
  • Play:
  • Scrap:

Constant abilities on a card are active even while that card is exhausted. Applying the effects of a constant ability is not considered using a card and therefore does not cause the card to exhaust.

KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.1 September 2023