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Some creatures have an armor value to the right of the card name. Armor prevents an amount of pending damage equal to the armor value that the creature would be dealt each turn.

Example: You have a creature in play that has 2 armor. It is dealt 1Damage icon from an opponent’s card ability (which is considered pending damage during the resolution of the ability). Your creature’s armor prevents the pending damage, and the creature’s armor is reduced by 1 for the remainder of the turn. Later that same turn, your creature is in a fight with an enemy creature that has 3 power. Your creature has 3 pending damage, its remaining 1 armor prevents 1 pending damage, and your creature is dealt 2 damage.

If a creature gains armor, the gains are additive and accumulate on top of the creature’s printed armor value.

If a creature gains armor during a turn, the gained armor does not prevent damage already dealt that turn. If a creature loses armor during a turn, it is not retroactively dealt damage that was already prevented by the armor.

If a creature loses any amount of armor, it loses armor that has been used to prevent pending damage this turn before it loses armor that has not been used to prevent pending damage this turn.

If a creature has a “~” symbol in its armor field, the creature has no armor. Such creatures may gain armor through card effects.

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KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.2 October 2023