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Many cards have one or more bonus icons in the upper-left corner, below the house icon. After a card with a bonus icon is played, the first thing the active player does is resolve each bonus icon on that card. These icons are resolved after the card enters play (if it is an artifact, creature, or upgrade), but before resolving any “Play:” abilities on that card or any abilities that trigger “after” that card is played.

Bonus icons must be resolved in the order printed on the card, from top to bottom. Resolving each bonus icon is mandatory. There are four types of bonus icons:

Æmber (Aember icon): Gain 1 Æmber.

Capture (Capture icon): A friendly creature captures 1 Æmber from the opponent. This Æmber may be captured by any friendly creature, including the creature with the capture icon. If a card has multiple capture icons, the captured Æmber may be distributed among multiple creatures.

Damage (Damage icon): Deal 1 damage to a creature in play. This damage may be dealt to the creature with the damage icon. Note that if there are no enemy creatures in play, this damage must be dealt to a friendly creature. If a card has multiple damage icons, each damage icon is resolved separately, one at a time, and the damage may be distributed among multiple creatures. Damage dealt by a bonus icon is not considered to be dealt by the card on which the icon appears.

Draw (Draw icon): Draw 1 card.

Official rules v1.7 December 2020