Product Legality

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Casual Tier tournaments: All product is legal in North America upon the product's official release. (Includes Store Championships)

Competitive Tier tournaments: All product is legal in North America 11 days—typically the second Monday—after the product's official release. This allows players at these high-profile tournaments sufficient time to acquire and prepare with each new release. (Includes Prime, Grand, Continental, and World Championships)

Official product releases are typically announced each Thursday on the front page of [the Fantasy Flight Games] website and shown on the Upcoming products page. All multi-day or convention events in North America base product legality on the first day of the event or convention, whichever comes first. Casual side tournaments held during the same multi-day or convention event as a Competitive tournament may have different legal products. New products available at the venue of Casual events may be deemed legal by the organizer, even if not yet released.

This page will be updated with each legal product and its official release date—if not currently legal—for reference.

Players outside of North America should contact their organizer to determine the legality of recent product releases.[1]