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Winds of Exchange is the sixth standard KeyForge set and introduced 262 new cards. It was revealed on September 10, 2021 in an announcement from Fantasy Flight Games that simultaneously teased the set and also announced a hiatus for KeyForge due to the loss of the deck generation algorithm and the inability to print new decks.

Winds of Exchange starter set
Winds of Exchange
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Set Number:
Winds of Exchange set symbol
May 2023 – November 2023
New Cards:
Aaron Haltom, Michael Hurley, Tyler Parrott, Daniel Schaefer
English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese
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In June 2022 Ghost Galaxy (a new venture by Christian T. Petersen, founder of Fantasy Flight Games) acquired the KeyForge IP and publishing rights from Asmodee (parent company of Fantasy Flight Games) and in August 2022 announced that KeyForge's return and the release of Winds of Exchange would be crowdfunded through Gamefound. The campaign which launched on September 9, 2022, reached its funding goal in 27 minutes, and raised over $1.1M USD from more than 6000 backers. The set started to ship to backers in the United States in May 2023, ahead of a July 2023 retail release. Backers outside of the United States received pledges in late 2023.

Winds of Exchange explores the themes of trade, highlighted with the introduction of KeyForge's 11th house, the Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon, the traders of the Crucible. Another trade players are asked to make, is exchanging cards in their deck for making Token Creatures, the set mechanic in Winds of Exchange. Lastly, Winds of Exchange features the largest house rotation in KeyForge's history with Logos, Shadows, and Untamed all rotating out of the game for the first time.

Anomalies also return to KeyForge in Winds of Exchange thanks to backers of the Gamefound campaign reaching a specific stretch goal. There are 11 anomaly cards in Winds of Exchange, featuring a mix of previous anomalies from Worlds Collide, as well as new ones.

House Rotation

  • New: Ekwidon
  • Returning: Brobnar, Mars
  • Rotated Out: Logos, Shadows, Untamed

The Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon are a vast network of traders obsessed with making deals and new investments across the Crucible. They are masters of subtly gaining the upper hand in any situation. The most numerous species within House Ekwidon are the Getrookya: asymmetrical creatures whose anatomy has been adapted to complex discourse and negotiation.

In gameplay, House Ekwidon centers around "the art of the deal", although often a skewed one. You get something and in exchange your opponent may potentially get something as well, but careful exploitation and manipulation of how these are played can ensure the deal is better for you than it is for your opponent!

Mars returns for the first time since Age of Ascension (Set 2) and Brobnar returns for the first time since Worlds Collide (Set 3). Logos, Shadows, and Untamed all rotate out for the first time in KeyForge's history.

New Set Mechanics

Token Creatures

Winds of Exchange introduces Token Creatures as its set mechanic. Each Winds of Exchange deck has a Token Creature from one of its three houses assigned to it. This token is represented in the deck's Token Creature reference card which serves as a reference for what token creature the deck generates.

Some card abilities in Winds of Exchange will instruct players to "make a token creature", at which point a card from the top of the deck is put into play to represent a copy of that deck's token creature.

New Keyword: Splash-attack

The Splash-attack (X) keyword is introduced for the first time in cards from Winds of Exchange. The keyword simplifies and consolodates a mechanic featured in cards from previous sets in which an attacking creature deals additional damage to the attacked creature's neighbors.


Name Model Description
KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Archon Deck KF15a
KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Display KF15d Contains 12 Winds of Exchange Archon Decks
KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Savior of KeyForge Archon Deck KF15s Standard Winds of Exchange Archon Deck, with a gold bordered treatment.

Was made available to Gamefound backers.

KeyForge: 2 Player Starter Set KF16 Contains:
  • 2 Archon Decks of the latest KeyForge set
  • 2 Learning decks
  • Tokens for two players
  • Learn to Play rules booklet

General KeyForge product, not set specific.

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Prerelease Pack KFP01 Contains:
  • 3 Winds of Exchange Archon Decks
  • 1 Chain tracker dial

Was made available through retailers for the Winds of Exchange Prelease event.

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Token Creature Sets KFTOK01 - KFTOK07 One set available for each house in Winds of Exchange.

Contains 72 double-sided cards, featuring the house's four token creatures (18 copies of each token).

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Collector's Set Contains a copy of each individual card from Winds of Exchange (including Anomolies).

Cards from the collector's set are not legal for organized play.

Was made available to Gamefound backers.


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