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|Format=Sealed Solo
|Format=Sealed Solo
|Comment=Top 8 best-of-3

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Vault Tour
March 2019 - Present
Power Levels Awarded:
Winner: Power level 8
Top 16+: Power levels 5-7
Participants: Power level 3
No set restrictions
No power level restrictions

The Vault Tour is a series of top level KeyForge Organized Play tournaments held throughout Europe and North America. Vault Tours are open to all players and all decks, with no restrictions based on deck power level or set. Chains gained in Chainbound events do not apply in Vault Tour events.

Held throughout a weekend, Vault Tours attract hundreds of players to play in one or two main events and numerous side events. The main events are always two day tournaments: a Day 1 consisting of multiple Swiss rounds, with the best players progressing to a Day 2 single elimination top cut.

Formats and variants used for Vault Tours are Archon Solo, Archon Survival, Archon Triad and Sealed Solo. In Sealed Solo, players open three current set decks and choose one to play in the event.


Round Æmbershards Power level
Participation 30 3
Per win in Swiss 15
Top 32 (only Day 2) 50
Top 16 (only Day 2) 75 5
Top 8 100
Top 4 150 6
Finalist 300 7
Winner 500 8

The winner of each Vault Tour is awarded free flight and accommodation for a later Vault Tour. Unlike the upcoming VaultWarrior series, no cash prizes are awarded at Vault Tours.

Æmbershards and power levels are awarded to all participating players and decks. Æmbershards from all Vault Tours count towards the Vault Tour Leaderboard.

Invites to the 2020 KeyForge World Championships event will be awarded to the Top 100 players on the Vault Tour Leaderboard after the Sealed Solo event at Fort Worth, TX, USA on Feb. 6-9. 2020. If a player at any point enters the Top 100 by participating in a subsequent Vault Tour before Worlds 2020 (there are currently 4 scheduled Vault Tours between the Fort Worth event and the World Championships), they will also receive an invite. After the World 2020 Championships, the Vault Tour 2019-20 season will conclude and the leaderboard will reset.

Each Vault Tour also features a Prize Wall where players can redeem Æmbershards for unique prizes. This is currently the only way to redeem Æmbershards gained by discovering decks in the Master Vault, as well as playing at Vault Tours and all other events within KeyForge Organized Play.


2019-2020 Season

The first Vault Tours were held in March 2019 in Eindhoven (NL) and Seattle (WA). Vault Tours in the US were initially run by Cascade Games, but from September 2019 are run by Yeti Gaming. In adaptive finals, the winner's deck was not always the deck that won most games in the final.

At the Collinsville VT in September, George Keagle became the first two-time Vault Tour winner, winning for the second time with the same deck. Jakub Nosal was the second player to achieve this, just a few weeks later at the Madrid VT. In November, Nathan Westlake became the first player to win both an Archon and a Sealed Vault Tour (thus, winning with two different decks).

The final events of the 2019-20 season will be held on the weekend of April 24-26 in Hannover, Germany and Alameda, California, USA.

Date Location Format Players
Call of the Archons

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Age of Ascension

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Worlds Collide

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Upcoming events

Date Location Format
Worlds Collide
Mar. 28-29 United states.png AdeptiCon, Schaumburg, IL, USA Sealed Solo
  Venue: Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
Comment: Top 4 best-of-3
Tickets: Yeti Gaming
Apr. 24-26 Germany flag.png Hannover, Germany Archon Solo
  Venue: Star Event Center
Comment: Top 8 best-of-3
Tickets: Eventbrite
Apr. 24-26 United states.png Alameda, CA, USA Archon Survival
  Venue: USS Hornet
Comment: Top 4 best-of-3, cannot choose Day 2 deck
Tickets: Yeti Gaming
2020 World Championship
New Season Begins
May 15-17 Flag of France.png Paris, France Archon Solo
  Venue: l'Espace Charenton
Comment: Top 8 best-of-3
Tickets: Eventbrite
May 29-31 United kingdom.png UKGE, Birmingham, UK Sealed Solo
  Venue: NEC & Hilton
Comment: Day 1A/1B, Top 8 best-of-3
Tickets: UK Games Expo
Jun. 17-21 United states.png Origins, Columbus, OH, USA TBD
  Venue: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Jun. 19-20 Netherlands flag.png Tilburg, Netherlands Archon Solo
  Venue: Koepelhal
Comment: Top 8 best-of-3
Tickets: Billetto
Jul. 30-Aug. 2 United states.png Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN, USA TBD
  Venue: Indiana Convention Center
Sep. 4-6 Sweden flag.png Malmö, Sweden Sealed Solo
  Venue: Slagthusetmmx
Comment: Top 8 best-of-3
TBD United states.png Miami, FL, USA Sealed Solo
  Comment: At VaultWarrior Championship
TBD Italy flag.png Italy
TBD Poland.png Poland
TBD Spain flag.png Spain

Meta and analysis

Main Article: Vault Tour Meta

The Vault Tour meta is always changing as new sets are released. For both the Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension periods, house Shadows was extremely dominant among Vault Tour top cuts, with Dis as the second most successful house. The card Urchin was the most common card among decks that reached top 16 or higher at a Vault Tour until the release of Worlds Collide. After the release of the third set, however, house Saurian replaced Shadows as the most successful house among Vault Tour top cuts.

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