Tournament Play

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This section provides information and considerations for playing a game of KeyForge at a tournament.

Tournament Setup

Before the tournament begins, the organizer must set up tables suitable for tournament play. Each seat should be arranged so that players have enough space on the table to comfortably place all of their cards and tokens over the course of a game. In addition, the organizer should clearly communicate the details of the tournament to players ahead of time.

Game Setup

The following steps must be performed before players can begin their first game each tournament round.

  1. Each player places their damage tokens, Æmber tokens, and status cards within easy reach of their play area.
  2. Each player places their deck, identity card, and three key tokens in their own preferred arrangement, so long as it is clear to their opponent where everything is located.
  3. Players do not consciously choose a first player for the first game each round. Instead, the first player is determined via a random method, such as flipping a coin (“heads means I go first, tails means you go first,” for example). Should players request it, a judge can carry out this step. If this game is part of a series of games between the same two opponents, then for each game after the first the player who lost the previous game may choose which player is the first player.
  4. Each player shuffles their deck thoroughly and presents it to their opponent. The opponent may shuffle and cut the deck if desired. After the opponent has had a chance to shuffle the deck, each player places it within easy reach in their play area.
  5. The first player draws a starting hand of seven cards while the second player draws a starting hand of six cards.
  6. Starting with the first player, each player has an opportunity to shuffle their starting hand back into their deck, referred to as a “mulligan.” If a player does this, that player draws a new starting hand with one fewer card than before.

Once players complete setup, they must wait for a leader to announce the start of the round before beginning their game. If the round has already begun, players may begin playing immediately upon completing these steps.

Missed Opportunities

Players are expected to follow the game’s rules, remembering to perform actions and use card effects when indicated. It is all players’ responsibility to maintain a proper game state, and to ensure that all mandatory abilities and game steps are acknowledged. If a player forgets to use an effect during the timing specified by that effect, he or she cannot retroactively use it without the consent of his or her opponent. Players are expected to act with respect and not intentionally distract or rush an opponent with the intent or forcing a missed opportunity.

Taking Notes and Outside Materials

Players cannot take notes or reference outside material or information during a tournament round. However, players may reference official rule documents at any time or ask a judge for clarification from official rule documents. Official rule documents include all rules documents and inserts available on the KeyForge page of our website, those found in an KeyForge product, or any portion thereof.